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Enough IS Enough, Mr. President

President Barack Obama broke off debt ceiling negotiations yesterday, reportedly exclaiming “Enough Is Enough”. For once, I have to agree with the president. We certainly have had enough- of HIM.

The phenomenon of Barack Obama is one of those things that is impossible to understand with a purely political frame of reference. You need other tools, especially an understanding of romance, courtly love and the youth culture. The progressive cabal (very useful word, that) in the Democratic party, understanding the sour mood of the public after eight tumultuous years of George W. Bush, created a romantic dreamboat who would fix everything. They and their media allies steamrolled over all the untidy truths about Obama’s inadequacies – his youth, lack of executive experience, objectionable associations, membership in the hate church and socialist world view.

And, as Obama never tired of reminding us at first, he won. But now, two and a half years into his presidency, our national malaise is worse than under Jimmy Carter. We are at war, multiple wars, and the power elites do not seem to be paying attention. The stench of the gun-running operation known as Operation Fast and Furious grows ever stronger, and even the mainstream media is finding it hard to fumigate the Justice Department. The economy is a shambles. And then there is that skyrocketing debt, which has achieved absolutely nothing. The voters rebelled in 2010, and they show every sign of abandoning the romantic idol who so captivated them in 2008.

I do not envy Barack Obama. Nothing is more painful for a politician than when the people fall out of love with him. But it’s happening. And, as I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, an understanding of the romance and love betrayed will help us understand how people come to pull the plug. So here goes!

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