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No One Cared When The Minnesota Government Shut Down, Until…

The alcohol sales were affected. Those Democrats really know how to get under the skin of average Americans, they either threaten their ability to actually get their Social Security checks and their ability to get drunk while waiting to get their hard-earned benefit checks! You at least need to be able to forget how stupid the rest of your State and Country are for electing a Democrat to any public office The Beer? Really? For Shame Democrat Governor Dayton

Mark Dayton’s shutdown of Minnesota’s state government is now in its third week, and so far I’ve seen no sign of it. I mean that literally: if I hadn’t read about the shutdown in the newspapers, I would have no reason to be aware of it. Each day, the Minnesota Star Tribune runs an article on some group that ostensibly is being hurt by the shutdown. So far, the ones that have elicited the most sympathy are the people who had planned to camp out in the state’s parks, which are closed for the duration.

This morning, however, the Strib pulled out the heavy artillery with the revelation that bars across the state of Minnesota are beginning to lose their ability to sell beer, wine and liquor:

The people need their libations to soften the pain of their idiocy on election day. I suspect it will be this final act of the shutdown that will force the Democrats to give in!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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