Thursday, September 23, 2021
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To Answer Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel is discussing the deficit negotiations going on between President Obama and Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

Washington (CNN) – Veteran Democratic Rep. Charlie Rangel made an impassioned plea to religious leaders Friday, calling on them to lobby members of Congress and the Obama administration to remember the “lesser of my brothers and sisters” during this weekend’s debt negotiations.

“What would Jesus do this weekend? Or Moses. Or Allah. Or anyone else,” the New York congressman said at a press conference on Capitol Hill. “I don’t want this book (debt negotiations) closed without the clergy having an opportunity to forcefully express themselves as well as I know they can do.”


Rangel said he was stumped as to why Washington wouldn’t be “besieged by spiritual leaders saying ‘do what you have to do – but not to the homeless, the jobless and the helpless. Not to the sick. And certainly not to the aging that are sick or those depending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.'”

“I have not heard from those people who have been called by God to protect the poor. I haven’t heard them,” he said. “The issues that are going to be discussed this weekend involve spiritual, moral issues.”

And Rangel’s plea to the poor and helpless? Call your religious leaders and ask, “what is Medicare all about? What is Medicaid all about? Why do
we have taxes?'”

Well, let me answer that for you, Charlie. Jesus would overturn your tables and throw your fat rear ends out in the street. He would call you a nest of vipers and whitewashed tombstones. He would call out your self-righteous hypocrisy and tell you to quit cheating on your taxes. And he’d still be nicer than I would be in his position, because I’d set you up a seat right next to the furnace for the rest of eternity.

Moses would carve the Declaration of Independence and Constitution into stone and then bust them over your thick skulls. He would tear up your shovel ready projects and multi-thousand page Obamacare and Stimulus bills; burn them; grind the ashes into powder; scatter the powder on the Potomac and make you drink the water. He would then call on the Lord to open the earth and swallow every one of you and all your belongings.

The other guy you seem fond of, I don’t know as well, but from what I know of him, he would kill Barney Frank and then send some prophet to molest your underage pages.

At no time would Jesus or Moses argue that you should confiscate the fruits of the labor of the people who entrusted you with this great land and pound the money down some rat hole so you could brag to your constituents about all the bacon you brought home.

Hope that cleared that up for you.

Queen Hotchibobo
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