Texas executes rapist-murderer over barack objection


Last night, shortly after 6pm, the State of Texas executed one low-life creep named Humberto Leal Garcia, in illegal alien who was a Mexican national. In 1994 in San Antonio, he raped, tortured, and murdered a young teen girl named Adria Sauceda, an American citizen, after she had already been drugged and gang-raped by some other men. I’ll comment no more on the details of that crime, beyond noting that he didn’t deserve to live 17 years after he murdered the girl, and he deserved a style of execution that current law does not allow. Read it here if you want to know. My heart is with Adria’s family, who had to wait until yesterday for some measure of closure. I wish them all the best in this life and the next.

Now let’s talk about how this execution came very, very close to not happening. This is actually everybody’s business. In the last week, a formidable array of forces brought to bear all the weaponry they could muster, in an effort to stop Texas from executing this murderer. Think of this little episode as a handy way of identifying your enemies. The Mexican government (natch); Democrats in the Senate led by Pat Leahy (whose loose mouth cost the lives of American-friendly agents back in the 80’s); the United Nations; the International Court of Justice; the American left-wing press; and the United States State Department.

All of those entities registered their complaints, told their lies, spun the story in such a way that you wouldn’t think they were going to bat for a rapist and murderer of a teen girl. They all did pretty much what you might expect. Stooges for Karl Marx, just like always.

And now this leaves us the subject of barack. barack didn’t just talk. He did plenty of that, because he just can’t resist the sound of his own voice. But he also had his Justice Department make an appeal directly to the Supreme Court to grant a stay if Leal’s execution. The particular bug up his butt, if we are to believe him (I know, I know) had something to do with the United States signing some agreement or treaty with Mexico, or with the ICJ, or somebody, that had to do with not executing Mexican nationals or something, because that way these other countries will treat our people nicer. Or something. Mostly when the boy president speaks, I just hear an annoying buzzing sound.

But this I know. barack went to very great lengths to try to save the life of a despicable pig who raped and murdered a teenage girl. That is just a little man with a serious, serious lack of perspective. He made it a public spectacle. He challenged the sovereignty of Texas.

And he lost. Governor Rick Perry didn’t budge, didn’t negotiate, didn’t moderate (Boehner should take notes). The rapist-murderer was executed on schedule.

barack ain’t king. He ain’t smart, and he ain’t one fourth as persuasive as he thinks he is. He ain’t a president either, and I have 50 ways of telling that story. He can be taken down. We don’t fear him, or the Democrat machine, because when we stick to our guns (and our lethal injections), and the law is on your side, they blink.

We are going to get our country back in January 2013, whatever is left of it.

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E Pluribus Unum
The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one. A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era. Like the weapons of the previous century, we, too, would become obsolete.

Pity, because I lived for it.

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July 8, 2011 6:23 am

I am from the Netherlands (Europe) and I am glad to see that Texas (gov. Perry) did not give in to the pressure from local and abroad. The crime committed deserved the ultimate penalty. I only wished we had a justice system like Texas over here and a man like Perry to carry out. Justice is a joke in the Netherlands, the penalty for wrong parking or speeding is ridiculous if compared with murder sentences. Here we feel and take care of the criminal, try to rehab. him and let him loose in society again, so he can kill again… Read more »

July 8, 2011 7:42 am

I’m oh-so glad Perry stood up to the pressure. Maybe a presidential attribute? You’re absolutely right; not just Boehner but all the R’s in Congress need to be taking copious notes (I’m looking at you Mark Kirk, voting for that asinine [non]sense of the senate travesty). I wonder if the looney Enemy will try to rain down death & destruction on Perry after the fact, or realize that they’re barking up the wrong tree once again, especially since their immediate cause is moot?

July 8, 2011 3:46 pm

I also talk to people who are a member of a community that asks for penpals for murderers in the US who are on deathrow. I asked them how can you write or send presents or even visit those POS when you know what they did. I described them the case of Peter Cantu and the two youg girls who were killed by him in a way beyond comprehension. Unbelievable what one human being can do to another, just for the fun of it. I asked them why don’t you visit or send parcels instead to the hospitals were young… Read more »

July 9, 2011 8:27 am

“And he lost. Governor Rick Perry didn’t budge, didn’t negotiate, didn’t moderate (Boehner should take notes). The rapist-murderer was executed on schedule.”

In light of the current budget negotiations, excellent point EPU! I really hope Boehner did take note. I read when the Mexican Ambassador called that afternoon to try to change his mnd, the Governor did not take the call. Sometimes not talking is the best communication, isn’t it?