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Stupid Pet Trick of the Day: Twitter Townhall

Is there anyone alive who is foolish enough to believe that this pathetic excuse for a campaign ploy in any way approximates an actual candidate’s efforts to answer constituent questions? Obama’s “townhall” meetings are as much of a cheap imitation of his responsibility to account to the electorate as his budget proposals are a cheap imitation of an actual President making a real effort to manage the affairs of the country in a responsible manner.

Why do we, and by we I especially mean the Lapdog Media, allow him to get away with this kind of stunt? Why do they pretend that having the President of the United States ignore rational and legitimate questions in favor of contrived “questions” is reasonable and sincere?

He got to choose his questions, for heaven’s sake. That’s insane. It is bad enough that during his few press conferences he chooses his questioners, each of whom is an Obama devotee, but in this ruse he and his cohorts actually chose the questions themselves.

Doug Ross brought a post with 20 ignored questions that might have been tossed at him in an actual townhall meeting. I won’t bring them all, but here’s a partial list of them: (h/t Weasel Zippers)

19. @jimgeraghty: Under 8 years of George W. Bush, the unemployment rate was never above 7.3%. When will it be that low again? #AskObama

18. @mrmichaelwilt: What is an acceptable level of debt, and why? #AskObama

12. @DarrellIssa: #AskObama: who authorized your administration’s operation #fastandfurious?

11. @ToddRokita: Your budget was rejected by Senate 97-0 & Dems haven’t produced budget in 700+ days. Where is your economic plan? #AskObama

10. @jimgeraghty: When long-term unemployment is higher than during the Great Depression, why do you insist we are “headed in the right direction”? #AskObama

9. @SpielzOnWheels: #AskObama How do you explain your administrations continued antagonism toward Israel our most important ally in the Middle East?

8. @IngrahamAngle: #AskObama Have you spoken to the families of the border agents slain as a result of fast and furious?

7. @jimgeraghty: Why did your Department of Housing and Urban Development just give a $78K grant to ACORN? #AskObama

5. @corrinalea: How much has your golf game improved since you took office? #AskObama

4. @Doc_0: Under what conditions would you pronounce a gov’t program a “failure” that should be terminated? Name one such program. #AskObama

3. @iowahawkblog: #askobama if Eric Holder gets indicted in the Operation Fast & Furious, should he get a civilian trial?

2. @CFHeather: Before you raise taxes on hardworking Americans, why not get rid of the special interest loopholes that allow $GE to pay no taxes? #AskObama

1. @iowahawkblog: #askobama Who are these “those who say”?

But my very favorite tweet of all came from one of my favorite Congresscritters, Paul Ryan, who challenged Obama to a budget debate. (h/t Gateway Pundit who has a great [and scary if you can do math] post about the tweet)


What are the odds Obama will respond to that? There are no Vegas bookies who would even acknowledge the chance of it happening. Obama is all about gimmicks and subterfuge, but I can assure you, he has no intention of actually allowing anyone to challenge his fanciful claims in public. With a twitter townhall, he believes he can continue to pull the wool over the eyes of the people. Time will tell. Specifically, November 6, 2012 will tell.

Social media is a great thing, it allows us to communicate with each other on a constant and near immediate basis. I learn more following links on twitter than any other application out there. We all get our favorite blogs, but let’s face it, no blog can cover everything. Twitter is wonderful for spreading the word, bringing attention to critical issues, etc., but it is a pathetic contrivance for a politician to pretend that it is an actual method of questioning people in authority. At best, it’s a way for them to pretend to accept questions so they can spoon feed us more pap. In other words, typical Obama fare.

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