Friday, September 24, 2021
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Economic Freedom – It Matters

The Charles Koch Foundation has produced this very well done web ad that deserves two minutes of your time:

h/t Erick Erickson

But it has a problem: The people who need to see it will not. Web ads, even the most successful, viral ads out there get a tiny fraction of the viewers of any TV ad out there. This baby needs to get some air time.

Erick thinks it should be cut down to size so it would fit in a 60 second spot, but I disagree. Do you remember when Ross Perot bought 30 minutes of air time to explain his perspective on the budget deficit to us? It got an enormous amount of chatter, even though most of America has a slightly numb feeling settle over their brain any time either math or politics is discussed. He managed to discuss both issues simultaneously and got people who ordinarily would not listen to listen.

It is entirely possible that the Foundation would get more interest in their ad if they ran it as it is, in its entirety. The fact that it is out of the ordinary for TV might give it enough extra attention that it would get more viewers, even people seeking it out online. It is well done enough to justify its length and in this time of decision, we are either going to give up our freedom for a fat, ugly nanny state or we are going to live free. Don’t you think America would be willing to pay attention to that for two minutes? I do.

Here’s hoping the Foundation runs it on the air and gets America talking about it. As I read in a great book, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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