Toker-in-Chief: The Unserious President


So Presentdent Obama is certain that if we could just tax private ownership of corporate jets, that symbol of excess and corruption, we would not have these deficit problems.  As a matter of fact, the seas would probably stop rising … Wait.  What?  That already happened, huh?  Nvrmind.

I thought at the time, “Good grief.  That’s a fart in a whirlwind.  That wouldn’t make any difference at all.”  Of course, my first impression was the right impression.  This makes me smarter than a 5th grader and much smarter that POTUS, unless he knows it’s a bunch of crap and was just playing that classic Arab game they play with the Jews and the Palestinians.  You know the one:  Let’s You and Him Fight.  If he’s just trying to stir up class warfare and resentment between Americans … Well, that’s pretty typical for him, actually.

Now keep in mind, all he is proposing is that the depreciation schedule be slightly lengthened (from 5 years to 7 years) for these deductible expenses, so it’s not like there’s going to be any *more* taxes collected, the companies would just have to stretch their deductions out a little longer, slightly changing the year in which it is collected, but not the actual collection.

But then along comes The Hammer to make the point on TV:

He himself, as we just heard, said you can’t reduce the deficit to the levels we need without raising revenues. Then he talks about the [tax break for] corporate jets, which he mentioned not once but six times.

I did the math on this. If you collect the corporate jet tax every year for the next 5,000 years, you will cover one year of the debt that Obama has run up. One year.

To put it another way, if you started collecting that tax at the time of John the Baptist and you collected it every year — first in shekels and now in dollars — you wouldn’t be halfway to covering one year of the amount of debt that Obama has run up.

As for the other one, he mentions again and again, the oil depreciation tax break — if you collect that one for 700 years, you won’t cover a year of Obama deficits.

And then here’s my favorite. I worked it out in the car on the way here. If you collect the corporate jets and the oil tax together — get all the bad guys and the fat cats at once — and you collect it for 100 years, it covers the amount of debt Obama added… in February!

And he pretends that he’s the serious adult at the table.

Even his own party knows he’s not serious. During his presser, he blamed Congress for failing to pass a budget. He’s partly right. The House, controlled by the Republicans, passed the Ryan Plan. The Senate, controlled by the Democrats (with TOTUS POTUS as the nominal leader) rejected Obama’s budget proposal 97-0. At that point, can we just go ahead and point out that he’s more of a caboose than an engine? It’s his party, which he leads, that has not passed a budget. And let’s not forget, last year, when they controlled both houses, they didn’t even bring one up for a vote (the election was looming and there was *nothing* they wanted to avoid as bad as that.)

Now, what are you to do? Well, one thing I did was call my Congresscritters (even the Dem Senator that nominally “represents” me) and told them to sign CutCapBalance. They keep saying they are serious about our budget deficits, but you know what? I’ve been hearing that since the time of Ronald Reagan. As the old saying goes, it’s time to [redacted] or get off the pot. If they are serious, they’d better sign on and stick to it. I’m tired of having smoke blown up my @$$.

h/t to Ace of Spades for the impetus for the rant and the link to NRO.

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July 1, 2011 7:53 pm

QH thanks. I think you may have missed (or not started yet) a career as a speech writer for a conservative politician. Your article goes right to the point. Why have I not heard any Republican candidate, reciting the likes of this, + the inside Krauthammer excerpt included…*verbatim*? This is the essence of the 2012 campaign. This, plus 10% fixed unemployment. Why don’t they just open fire? Only Cain comes closest, But they could all turn it up a bit starting now.