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Yesterday Mark Halperin commented on MSNBC that Obama acted like a “d*ck” in his most recent press conference. While there are many legitimate reasons for someone to say that, it’s not a very nice thing to say about the President of the USA. However, there is a way for Halperin to fix his statements to make them more acceptable and equally succinct.

Ben Smith already gave the Democratic Party line on what Halperin said. But it’s much more likely that Halperin was actually referring to an earlier president known for a prickly dynamic with the press, an accommodation-and-surrender-based foreign policy, and a big government approach to everything else. This would be the president who created the EPA as a tool to fix the worst excesses of air and water pollution in the country, now being used by the current president to bypass Congress in order to pass carbon-dioxide laws that cripple American business, drastically increase energy prices for ordinary Americans, and drive even more employers out of the country.

Side note: Why is it ever “unexpected” when the unemployment numbers get worse with this president? It’s predictable for anyone paying attention, not unexpected.

Mark Halperin (D-Media) didn’t mean “dick;” he meant “Dick.” He must have really meant that Obama’s press conference reminded him of Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon.

Richard Hussein Nixon aka Barack Milhous Obama

Aside from his enemies lists and antagonistic relationship with the press, Nixon also tried a bunch of other things that Obama might want to copy. He surrendered and ran from a war that had been won in South Vietnam, leading to 2-3 million Vietnamese dead and a tide of boat people. He set price ceilings that created gas shortages and led to gas rationing. He got the US out of the gold standard so the government could freely inflate the currency and deplete Americans’ real worth. And he gave the Democrats a permanent anti-Republican talking point with Watergate, that was so thoroughly hammered into the American consciousness that “-gate” has become the suffix for every political scandal there is. Even pure Democrat scandals like “Weinergate” and “Lewinskygate” refer back to the progressive Republican, Richard Hussein Nixon.

Not only do we have Nixon to thank for his many terrible policies, but it appears that now the ultra-progressive Barack Milhous Obama (D-Waterloo) has taken the worst of Nixon as a sort of pattern for his own plans.

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Queen Hotchibobo
June 30, 2011 1:31 pm

Good grief, could that guy have kissed Obambi’s rear any faster or more thoroughly? They called George W. Bush and Dick Cheney everything except gentlemen and there have never been any apologies.

I saw on Twitter today, the Toker-in-Chief is not just a d*ck, he’s a lying, incompetent, socialist d*ck. But the press will never say it, or if they do, they’ll immediately suck start a Stihl trying to take it back.

Queen Hotchibobo
June 30, 2011 1:38 pm

And let’s make one other thing clear: Obama called his American opponents teabaggers. *After* it became clear that everyone and his dog knew that the term was offensive. But Mark Halperin, a Journocommie in two failing media organizations, is held to a higher standard.

How did I get through this looking glass?

June 30, 2011 2:27 pm

MSN announced he has been suspended indefinitely. Had he been talking about a conservative it would have only been one or two days, of course.