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The Feckless Media Strikes Again

My outrage gauge has burst and been re-calibrated so many times it is hardly functional at all any more, but there are still times that it makes a lurching thud as it goes to the red line again. Though this is frequently a result of the Obama Administration’s inanity and insanity, the Feckless Media manages to earn its moniker regularly as well.

This time the outrage and contempt is related to reporting Presidential gaffes (kind of a double whammy, if you will.) You all surely know by now that Presidential candidate Michelle Bachman made an unforgivable gaffe in Waterloo, IA where she mistakenly said that John Wayne was from that area when in reality John Wayne’s parents lived there prior to his birth, so technically, he wasn’t from there, just his parents.

The NY Magazine is agog over the “gaffe” as apparently John Wayne Gacy was from there (or at least lived there for a time, though the AP is reporting that he was born in Chicago – I know, I know – but I just don’t care enough to fact check them – it’s just not the point of this dispatch.)

Meanwhile, your Jug Eared, skinny freak of a President freaking forgets that a Medal of Honor recipient died as a result of his heroic actions and that the posthumous honor was given to his parents in his absence. The Boy President can’t remember which one of the THREE Medal of Honor recipients recognized during his Presidency was alive. Of course, it’s been a long two years and there have been so many golf games to play, that he just hasn’t been able to concentrate on this little tidbit. The man is utterly contemptible.

Gosh. I’m getting distracted by the last thing that broke my outrage meter. And that truly caused it to blow all its gaskets. Today’s outrage is related, but different.

If you were a reporter for the smartest, most important newspaper in the country, wouldn’t you think President Numbnut’s idiocy was more significant than the non-gaffe of Michele Bachman? If you said yes, you are smarter than the New York Times. Of course, we already knew that. You are sentient, after all. They didn’t bother to mention Numbnuts and his stupidity. Bachman? Oh yes. That was news.

All the news that’s fit to print. Right. They certainly deserve their looming bankruptcy.

h/t Newsbusters

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