Monday, September 20, 2021
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Hey! President Numbnuts! Up Yours!

The most anti-business, anti-free market President in history has a message for Americans: Ignore my policies that screw you at the expense of unions over and over and over and over. Ignore the looming threat of an economy killing carbon tax.

Ignore the economic damage of Obamacare that everyone, absolutely everyone, knows is coming. Actually, knows is here.

Ignore my economy killing, money wasting stimulus bill. Ignore my smothering deficits.

“Up your game,” I need to be re-elected.

Well, Obambi, from me to you: Chuck you, Farley.

Queen Hotchibobo
I was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay. My daddy was a poor, hardworking Saginaw fisherman. Too many times he came home with too little pay. Naw, not really, but it sounds more interesting than the real bio, so there you are.


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