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The Hypocrisy Of The Washington Post

They called out for all comers to go through Sarah Palin’s emails to try to get her and they failed, they then had their ombudsman come out and lie about what they attempted to do You LIE

Nor was this a biased, one-sided effort to dig up dirt on Republicans and not Democrats. The Post does not request the e-mails of members of Congress — not Nancy Pelosi, not Harry Reid, not Anthony Weiner, not Michele Bachmann, not even those of former senator Barack Obama — because Congress is exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

Nor can the media get President Obama’s e-mails. The FOIA kicks in on records from the Office of the President only five years after a president leaves office, and most presidential communications are off limits until 12 years later. This is regulated by the Presidential Records Act of 1978, signed into law by Jimmy Carter. The National Archives has a documentary history of the Presidential Records Act for doubters.

What is genuinely new about The Post’s conduct with the Palin e-mails is its attempt at “crowd-sourcing” — finding readers who have expertise on a subject that a reporter might not.

And yet when Michal Mann’s emails, which are not covered for protection under FOIA, were requested by Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia, well you would have thought the Washington Post had suddenly been burned by fire Rules Apply To Sarah Palin, Not For A Lying College Professor

Contrast that with the vitriol and scorn heaped on conservatives who have requested that the University of Virginia divulge emails written by climatologist Michael Mann when he was employed there. The very idea that anyone would request such private material is an atrocious assault on privacy and academic freedom, is the general view — at least inside liberal echo chambers.

True, Palin and Mann are differently situated. Although both are now private citizens and although all the emails in question were written on the government dime, he has never run for public office, while she has. But the differences are not nearly so great as the manner in which the two cases — or, for that matter, the earlier Climategate email controversy — have been treated.

Repugnant double standards will continue until the day when opinion-makers begin to put principles first and personalities second. That day, we fear, remains very far off. By the way, the Palin emails have redounded to the author’s benefit and have left her critics dismayed.

Unfortunately as long as newsrooms and newspapers are filled with 97% leftists there will never be standards just double standards!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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