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rVotes OHIO is alive! Major election coup for Ohio

The mega-nuke bomb database interface system for GOTV, organizing and campaigning is not only a reality, it is now a living, breathing entity. For Ohio. A major battle-ground state.

Ohio went “blue” for the first time in 2008 for many years. However, this state aims to change that back to “red.”

I am having the privilege as we speak, of being a user of the system and learning all the fantastic things it can do.

If you recall this is a mirror image of the system the Dems and progressives (unions et al) use, and built by the same IT specialist, Steve Adler. Only this system is for Conservatives and Republicans only.

With the advent of rVotes this will be a huge game-changer in the 2012 election. This is the same tool the Left has been using for years to chip away at our freedoms and liberties. But no more. Their reign will end.

But the price of freedom isn’t “free.” And we must remember that. Whether that cost is paid for with the Blood of Patriots and our troops (may God rest all their souls and give comfort to their families) or capitalism. After all, isn’t “capitalism” one of the tenets of Conservatism?

Yes, Ohio is privileged to have been at the forefront for obtaining this system. But to make it a complete game-changer it will take many volunteers and Patriots at all levels, as well as funding to make it a reality in other states.

Please pass this info along to family, friends, Tea Parties, candidates, precinct committeemen. We need to make this go viral.

Together we can make a take-back of this country a reality.

Thank you Steve, for your faith in me, and in Ohio. Full roll-out for Ohio will be July 1.

As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Contact info for Mr. Adler. He will gladly arrange a demo.


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Tough love time for election 2012.

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