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Mega-nuke bomb database interface system now a reality for Ohio

Many of you have been hearing me talk about rVotes.

Built by the same person who founded Voter Activation Network (VAN, now NGPVAN) Steven Adler.

It will now be coming to Ohio, to Conservative groups and candidates virtually for free to 99% of Conservative groups and campaigns.

The background information is here, with all links included.

Below you will see the press release which will be out in full force at Right OnLine in Minneapolis. As well as the owner of rVotes, Steve Adler.

rvotes OH Press Release

Let me be perfectly clear.

This is a mirror image of the system which placed Obama into office and assisted him winning the Health Care vote. It’s going to take a “village” my friends. If we can get this into place in battleground states at the minimum, we can ensure a victory for Conservatives in the 2012 election.

More to come, as things progress.

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