Truth, unlike beauty, should not be in the eye of the beholder.

Journalism, print and otherwise, is generally known as the “fourth estate.” Initially, they had to bend to the whims of the king, but they also began to keep their eyes on the king, the parliament, or on a newly founded Republic. The fourth estate was supposedly a source of truth. The Founding Fathers viewed free speech as crucial to keeping our government honest, thus we have the 1st Amendment. It was set up so that men would be able to speak freely, without fear of reprisal. Not only was this critical to the Founding Fathers view of true freedom for ordinary citizens, but it also allowed for what we now call the media to be protected by the same 1st Amendment rights.

But what is truth? What is perversion of truth?

In defining truth, words such as honesty, accuracy, factual, and impartial come to mind. Closely associated with truth are the words integrity, reliable, and trustworthy. Perversion takes us in the opposite direction – corruption, falsification, misrepresentation and distortion. Most of us, when we are asked to describe the mainstream media, would use words such as biased, slanted, and one-sided. It isn’t hard to see how similar these words connect to the meaning of perversion.

I’m not going to spend much time exploring the why on this – it is fact. We’ve lived with it every day, from our morning newspaper, to the major television networks that broadcast from a one-sided perspective and agenda, to various media-driven sites on the internet. But it is the entity generally known as the mainstream media I want to address. As you’ll see by my title, I used the word “malignant.” In medicine, two of the most emotion evoking words are associated with a disease process, or the presence of a tumor. Malignant or benign? Benign of course, is the answer we desperately want. Malignant is insidious, most often associated with a cancer pathology, virulent, and frequently fatal.

For many years, I realized that the mainstream media was biased, one-sided, always seeming to put down our side of the political spectrum, and traditional American culture. Starting two years ago, the MSM showed themselves to be far more than the usual biased, they’ve shown themselves to be malignant – subverters of truth. This malignancy is growing, the damage increasing to the point that their lies and misrepresentation undermines the very foundation of our nation. An entire administration and extremists of a political party are being aided and abetted by the media’s perversion of truth to accomplish their Leftist agenda. This has occurred on the local level of hometown newspapers owned by big media conglomerates, and in the major television networks. The Leftists succeeded in this country because they took over the media from within, and now this entity that is supposed to expose tyranny and corruption, is part of it. Consider that for years most towns and cities had two newspapers, each one slanting toward the opposite side of the political spectrum. Now due to economics and technology, almost all papers have been absorbed into big corporations, touting the corporations’ line. A line controlled by the Left.

The Left’s control of the media and the message is the opposite of the once noble 4th estate. It has reversed the concept that is inherent in our 1st Amendment. Think of the numerous times we’ve been frustrated by unbelievable bias, even outright lies about our side, our candidates, and our causes. In an insidious, but deliberate way they’ve taken over the messaging to the American people. Instead of reporting truth, facts, or pro & con opinions, they slant a headline and bury the truth (if they mention it at all) deep in the story. Or it is on page 16. Most readers just take a quick glance at the news of the day, or hear a short soundbite – and that is how the damage is done. Give out the wrong info, repeat it over and over, and you’ve planted the message you wanted to. Recently, Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner, was tagged as a Republican in several news sources. Honest news sources don’t make those kinds of mistakes. Ever take a count on the number of times Democrat is left off party affiliation vs Republican when it concerns a negative story about the D folks? Never forget that the end justifies the means for the Left.

Everything streaming from the MSM today is to push a meme that favors the Leftist agenda. No absolutes, no right and wrong, only moral relativism. The media could have easily called out Mr. Weiner as having a problem/behavior that was unacceptable for a serving member of Congress. But to them it is acceptable; anything goes when you have no moral compass. And, they took that same concept and dug desperately through Sarah Palin’s emails looking for something, anything, to destroy her. President Clinton was given a pass because of legalese, not moral absolutes. Vassar Bushmills recently wrote about only the “judge’s gavel” now defining a “lie,” but if you pack the courts with activist lefty judges, it isn’t a lie anymore.

We are imperfect human beings, that is not in dispute, but it is malignant for one group of influential people to plan and seek to destroy a moral and decent country. When the media isn’t reporting misery and victimhood, it is reporting how awful the God-fearing and law-abiding folks are. A man defends his home, and the Left criminalizes his gun ownership in the news reports. Look what happened to Joe the plumber. It is also how they’ve managed to taint in so many peoples’ minds the Republican brand. It is unbelievable how misinformed the average American is about our side of the aisle, yet many of them profess the same conservative values we all hold dear. This occurred because of the insidious brainwashing, the distortion, the omission, the misrepresentation of the truth.

Today’s media, instead of being a vehicle for justice, honesty, and integrity – are an armored vehicle for destruction of our core values and principles – principles set forth in the Constitution, a document they would destroy if they could. Remember that. The perversion of truth in a society by the very entity that was designed to protect it – and given the freedom to ensure that survival – is the means by which our destruction will come. It is a fierce battle we fight, but the critical point is knowing that the 4th estate in this country is the real enemy. We’re late to the battle, but now that we know, we will fight with the truth.

Lady Penguin
Proud Conservative Woman. Steadfast belief: When Good Stands Up to Evil, Evil Blinks (VB)