Greece is Europe’s Wisconsin, so watch it.

Posted by on June 15, 2011 5:04 pm
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I couldn’t help but notice the timeliness of Lady Penguin’s essay today about the malignant media, and offer this about Europe’s failing economies as proof of what she is saying.

According to Reuters, it’s the rating agencies’ fault. That’s right, Standard & Poor and Moody’s are to blame for Greece’s failing, for you see  the Greeks can’t borrow money because S&P says they’re a bad risk, and like banks before Barney Frank made them also sell houses, Greece can only borrow money once it gets rid of the diamond nail inlays, the designer glasses, the iPod, while still expecting groceries with food stamps.

In America, MSM news lede’s are telling us that unions and “citizens” are protesting Greece’s proposed austerity cuts. Now tell me, what working citizen is against his government cutting spending?  No, these aren’t citizens, they’re beneficiaries of government service. They are the looters, (Ayn Rand), real citizens are builders.

When college kids from four states and union deadbeats from Illinois and Minnesota all descended on the State House in Madison and the American media also called them “citizens.”

Greece is Europe’s Wisconsin, but California is America’s Greece

Get it? So, don’t get me wrong, Wisconsin is not like Greece; it did not have a gun pointed at its head, and it did try to wriggle out of its obligations. It met its duties head on. California won’t.

But Greece is like Wisconsin in the larger political sense, for Athens is where Europe’s quickening begins. Like Madison in January, all the forces of the Left; anarchists, communists, socialists and yes, thousands of really stupid people, are gathering there to make sure Greece fails by keeping to its wastrel spending ways, knowing it cannot survive unless it stops.

The Greeks are in the “death-car”, seeking to be alive. (I can’t play the song here, one verse a little raunchy, but early, early Johnny Depp, just Google Iggy Pop, “In the Death Car,” the writer a great fellow from Serbia named Goran Bregovic.)

In Athens, all of Europe stands in the balance, just as America has stood in the balance in Madison.

So far, we seem to be winning. Europe does not.

3 responses to Greece is Europe’s Wisconsin, so watch it.

  1. redneck hippie June 15th, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Been watching Greece with a great deal of fascination, Bernard. Today 20,000 rioted against austerity in Athens. The media poobahs are blaming today’s stock market slump on rioting in Greece. There are feedback loops all over the globe, and they are negative in direction. If the direction doesn’t change, the smell of tear gas in the nation’s financial districts will become the new normal.

    • vassarbushmills June 15th, 2011 at 5:36 pm

      Good point, Red, will Europe’s radicals retreat as Americans have, or is too early to say?. Bernie seems to think WI will have a new day, while Greece may very well burn. We’ll see.

      • SEC June 16th, 2011 at 1:01 pm

        I don’t see how Greece can do anything but burn to the ground. They were lucky to get Merkel’s approval to participate in the EU bailout, with pre-conditions that required severe austerity measures. I don’t know how severe their austerity measures were/are, but they are back looking for more money, and the radical austerity protesters are literally burning and destroying the infrastructure in the country. They can hardly afford to pay for the repairs and rebuilding. The bank account is not only empty, but is filled with IOU’s they cannot repay. In the end, the protesters not only don’t get more, they get nothing, and they will have destroyed the country in the meantime. Do you think that at that point, if not sooner, someone like China comes in, buys up everything at bargain basement prices, and takes over, and makes Greece a communist country?

        In my mind WI has already won, especially with the Supremes upholding the WI Collective Bargaining law. Prossers win was also very significant. Walker has won with his measures to cut the spending, and to work toward balancing the budget. As long as the Liberals are not allowed near the checkbook, or in any positions of power, WI will continue to be a winner.

        Speaking of the press, I noticed the lefties have not made a big story out of the WI Supremes ruling.

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