Wanted: Congresscritters with Backbone


Get into your way back machine.  Remember back in school, that little scrappy dude that didn’t take any crap?  Most schools had at least one: a guy who wasn’t particularly imposing, but would bust you in the mouth if you decided to pick on him.  On the other hand, we all knew at least one guy who was sure big enough to do something about it, and was often a mouthy bully, but turned into the biggest coward in the town if you stood up to him.

That’s our Congress today.  We’ve got Senators and Representatives who have been in DC long enough they have Chairmanship seats; they’ve got war chests that would support a third world country; they’ve got safe seats and their state parties pander to them to such an extent that redistricting is no threat; the national party protects them; yet they’re weak kneed pansies who cower in the cloak room when the fight is on the floor.

Then we’ve got freshmen who fight like junkyard dawgs.  It hasn’t been so long since they’ve been out in the world.  They know what life is like outside the cushy bubble of the beltway and they know that our bloated, inefficient, ineffective, incomprehensible government is smothering our economy in the crib and aborting our future growth at the same time.

They recognize that the true threat to our country, our future and our freedom is runaway government spending and debt combined with an apathetic and uninformed public; that if the people are not willing to accept the truth, bitter though it is, and demand a realistic level of government, the Democrats will lead us down the wide road to destruction with endless promises of ‘success’ in the class war and ‘soak the rich’ policies that will spell the end of our Republic.

I think it was Margaret Thatcher who said that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.  We are there.  Citizens of this country, or at least enough of us, were born and bred with a “Live Free or Die” mentality and we are simply not going to work as slaves for a welfare state.

Dan Benishek is one of our Freshmen who is willing to fight.  He is not in a safe district.  He is from Michigan, for heaven’s sake, which is purple at best, yet he is out there in his district taking on the Democrat lies. He is fighting in committee meetings. (And srsly?  That is glorious!  Unrealistic Expectations.  I <3 it!)

Seriously, shove Grandma over the cliff?  WTH?

That video deserves full scale mockery and condemnation.  It is a caricature of Democratic propaganda, which is a caricature of the truth already.  But what do Republicans like Eric Cantor, Jo Ann Emerson (nominally R – MO), Hal Rogers (R- KY appropriations committee chairman), et al do?  Cloak closet.

Freshmen like Dan Benishek and Allen West are left to take the fight to the Dems.  Dr. Dan Benishek, from Michigan 01 has posted on his website a series of informational links to show his constituents the truth of our circumstances.  He’s done a video pointing out that Democrats lie:

Allen West is having town hall meetings all over his district while Democrats plan media manipulation and astroturf the meetings.

Democrats are coordinating their attacks and perfectly willing to lie about Republican Paul Ryan’s budget plan, as you can see by this partial transcript of a Kaiser video:

JACKIE JUDD: Good day, I’m Jackie Judd, and this is Health On The Hill. Ad wars, a Gang of Six and a new deficit panel. They are all back in the news, and we will discuss them all. But first, we start with the ad wars.

Democrats are targeting a couple of dozen House Republicans who voted for a budget that would transform the future of Medicare. The commercials, produced by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, accuse the lawmakers of flip-flopping.

ADVERTISEMENT 1: House Republicans promised they would protect Medicare. They lied. Dan Benishek voted to end Medicare: “Social Security and Medicare are a promise we have made to our seniors, and I will keep that promise.” Scott Tipton voted to end Medicare: “I’ll never put our seniors’ future at risk. No cuts, no privatization, and no scaring our seniors.”

JACKIE JUDD: An organization called the 60 Plus Association says, to the contrary, House Republicans should be congratulated.

ADVERTISEMENT 2: Something unusual happened last week, in Washington, D.C., of all places. Elected officials actually did what they said they would. The House passed a budget that protects and preserves Medicare for years to come. And our congressman, Allen West, voted to protect Medicare and keep it secure for future retirees.

JACKIE JUDD: The congressman mentioned in that commercial, Florida’s Allen West, faced a raucous crowd at a town hall meeting this week, according to an account in the New York Times. Our reporter, Mary Agnes Carey, senior correspondent for Kaiser Health News is here.

Describe what’s been going on during this congressional recess.

MARY AGNES CAREY: It’s a very coordinated campaign by Democrats in town hall meetings throughout the country, in television advertisements, and in calls to voters in swing districts to call attention to elements of the Republican House-passed budget resolution, in particular its elements on Medicare and Medicaid. They want to highlight these for voters with the hope of increasing voter opposition to them.

JACKIE JUDD: Politico interviewed a Democratic strategist close to the Obama White House who said the Ryan plan, the budget plan that was passed in the House, “finally gives us an argument to make with seniors. It’s a godsend.” Which raises the question, how much of what we’ve seen in the town hall meetings over the past ten days or so have risen up kind of organically vs. how much has been orchestrated by the Democratic party?

MARY AGNES CAREY: Well there’s no doubt that, for an issue as volatile as changing Medicare, that you would have organized opposition, and Democrats have tried to increase attendance at these meetings. And you certainly have your average voter also coming out to these meetings.

And, as you can imagine, when the truth gets out, we win:

JACKIE JUDD: There have been several polls over the past couple of weeks, since the House budget plan was approved, trying to gauge what real voter sentiment is about, in particular, the Medicare question. Another one is out, just this afternoon, from the Kaiser Family Foundation. What are the findings in the most recent poll?

MARY AGNES CAREY: Very interesting. Seniors, who Paul Ryan says won’t be impacted at all by his Medicare proposal –

JACKIE JUDD: It would be 55 and under.

MARY AGNES CAREY: Exactly – they oppose it at a rate of 62 to 30 percent. When you look at the general public, it’s far more split. Looking again at the general public: 50 percent say they want to keep Medicare as it is today, but 46 prefer this premium support model by Paul Ryan. So, the results are very, very different depending on the age group.

JACKIE JUDD: And the results have been different from one survey to another, in terms of the publics view towards this idea. How does Kaiser try to analyze that and then explain it?

MARY AGNES CAREY: The results you get to any question also depend often on how it’s asked and when it’s asked and if people are familiar with the terms you’re using – is this the first time they’ve heard of them? It’s really clear it’s all about the message. This is what Kaiser tried to get at in its latest poll. For example, when Paul Ryan’s plan, as he talks about it, is described as something that will reduce the deficit and save Medicare, support increases for it. But when you explain it as something that will eliminate traditional Medicare and put insurers in charge, opposition increases. So, looking ahead, as both Democrats and Republicans make their case to the public this spring and this fall, support for and against this plan, I think, will have to be viewed in very much how people make their message and how it’s received.

Link to full transcript and link to video.

We should not be leaving it up to our endangered freshmen to fight this fight.  Established, safe Republicans had better engage in this fight, or Republican primary voters had better start working on primary fights for the cowardly lions. The Democrats’ lies get halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on, as a famous man once said.

This is a hill to die on.  We will either maintain our current path to economic destruction (and not just in Medicare, but in Social Security and other spending programs) and end up as Spain, Ireland or Greece or else we will grab hold of our bootstraps and live worthy of the Republic for which our forefathers fought and died.

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Queen Hotchibobo
I was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay. My daddy was a poor, hardworking Saginaw fisherman. Too many times he came home with too little pay.

Naw, not really, but it sounds more interesting than the real bio, so there you are.
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I was born in Saginaw, Michigan, and I grew up in a house on Saginaw Bay. My daddy was a poor, hardworking Saginaw fisherman. Too many times he came home with too little pay. Naw, not really, but it sounds more interesting than the real bio, so there you are.

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redneck hippie
June 13, 2011 1:59 pm

Nice work, Queen. Cowardly lions need to be smoked out of their cloak closets. Dr. Dan, Allen West and others are fighting the good fight, we must do everything in our power to send reinforcements.

E Pluribus Unum
June 18, 2011 12:57 pm

Exactly. We need people in Congress who will fight, who will battle the lies, who will call liars by their name. We also need enough of these kind of people to take over leadership. So, 2012, not only do we want to take more Dem seats, we want conservatives with guts to take more Republican seats – even (and especially) if we have to run primaries against this old guard – the fat and happy boot lickers.