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Disingenuous Disambiguation: A Tale Of A Corrupt Soul

We were told a week ago by the US Democrat Rep. from New York’s 9th District that he was very sorry and that he took full responsibility for his actions…oh, and he said something about him loving his wife very much too.

He said at the time that he was solely responsible for his actions, that they were no one’s fault but his own, and that he wasn’t a victim; he wasn’t an abuser of drugs or alcohol. He said he was just a screwup that just needs to stop screwing up. Oh, and he didn’t need counseling either… he just needed to stop doing what he would STILL be doing if he hadn’t gotten caught doing it by someone who wasn’t afraid to tell everyone what he was doing.

In Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son we are taught many lessons about the weakness of man, the ravages of his self-interest and pettiness and personal excess and jealousy and arrogance, the love he is to find at the heart of his forgiveness, and the true value and meaning of his contrition. As I am no Seminarian, I’m quite sure there are more lessons to be learned in this last of Jesus’ trilogy of parables on forgiveness, but these suffice to make my larger point in the case of Rep. Anthony Weiner (D, NY-09).

With his agreement to enter rehab, we’re now expected to perceive this man as the prodigal son…are we not? Is his attempt to make right all the wrong he has done an act of contrition? A petition for forgiveness? Is it genuine?

Or is he looking to re-frame the whole thing now as a desperate act of a desperate man to hold onto to something, the right to which he forfeited the very first time he hit “tweet this” on his blackberry…allegedly?

The story disgusts me, on a personal level, but at my advanced age I have come to expect the sorts of personal frailties and foibles we’ve learned so much about in recent weeks in the matter of this particular empty suit who is, for whatever reason, STILL representing the people of New York’s 9th Congressional District. And as sickening and disgusting as this story may be, it is the aftermath…and the extent to which the people around him have shown the depths of their own moral depravity and political opportunism… that speaks volumes about how far downhill we’ve gone as a once-reasonably-moral society.

Now, I’ve no intention to re-trace the steps, regurgitate the latest chapter, or lament any further what this man has done. But I DO want to take a look at this latest brainstorm of Weiner’s entry into rehab, and whether or not he genuinely seeks to perform an act of contrition and pray for our forgiveness for what he’s done. I’m of the mind that he (and his co-conspirators on Capitol Hill and within the Liberal establishment) is just trying to buy a little time and hope for a new breaking story about someone ELSE so he can slither and squirm his way back under the rock of relative obscurity from whence he came. Maybe some new, evermore exciting Sarah Palin e-mail will do the trick.

I watched his presser live the day he manned-up and admitted what he’d done. I was actually impressed with how he handled himself, the extent to which he took full responsibility for his actions, and the believable way in which he showed remorse and accepted (with no reluctance) full blame for what he’d done. It didn’t make him less disgusting, mind you, but I admired the way he took what he had coming to him. A quote from the “admission of guilt” press conference [starting around 9:02]:

I haven’t ruled out, perhaps, seeing someone but I’m not blaming anyone. This is not something that can be treated away. This is my own personal mistake. This is not something… this is a weakness… a deep weakness that I have demonstrated, and for that I apologize.

Here we are now, six days later, with all the Liberal Establishment’s wagons circled, and the Democrat opportunists on Capitol Hill assigned to their respective foxholes…and (with little warning) we now have Pelosi and DNC babe Wasserman-Schultz calling for his resignation. Why, you ask?

Well…even though one of Weiner’s colleagues (himself a criminal still roaming the halls of Congress and getting paid for it) suggests Weiner ain’t so bad because at least he wasn’t diddling with hookers and little boys, the girls in the house have decided his love of underage women was just a bridge too far.

Nice, hunh? Forgive me for wondering if this calculation is due to the Democrats’ assumption that they already have the pedophiles in their pocket…but just aren’t sure enough about whether or not they’ll lose the female vote if they don’t throw this asshat under the bus.

At one of many Bible history websites, there’s an interesting note about contrition… the real one that is [emphasis mine]:

Contrite, “crushed,” is only the superlative of “broken”; “a contrite heart” is “a heart broken to pieces.” In Holy Scripture, the heart is the seat of all feeling, whether joy or sorrow. A contrite heart is one in which the natural pride and self-sufficiency have been completely humbled by the consciousness of guilt. The theological term “contrition” designates more than is found in these passages. It refers to the grief experienced as a consequence of the revelation of sin made by the preaching of the law (Jer 23:29). The Augsburg Confession (Article XII) analyzes repentance into two parts: “Contrition and faith,” the one the fruit of the preaching of the law, the other of the gospel. While contrition has its degrees, and is not equal in all persons, the promise of forgiveness is not dependent upon the degree of contrition, but solely upon the merit of Christ. It is not simply a precondition of faith, but, as hatred of sin, combined with the purpose, by God’s aid, to overcome it, grows with faith.

In this man Anthony Weiner, the contrition is solely one driven by the fear of losing, NOT his relationship with God, but with losing his paying gig of power and influence amongst the riff raff that presume to be above the law (of both God and man). In Ps. 34:18 it is said tht “[t]he LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”…. but I didn’t see anything in there about Him saving anyone’s job…merely their soul, and the promise of their salvation.

Where Anthony Weiner is headed will not be where he might think he wants to go; there are no high places (verse 15) in his future, nor will there be any forgiveness. No such thing exists where it is asked for with calculation.


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There's not much to say... I come from a long line of Appalachian folk that landed in America long before flipping off the King was even a twinkle in the eyes of our founding fathers. We have been Carpenters and coal miners... Soldiers & Sailors and pig farmers and Sunday morning circuit-riding preachers. Hell, I'm told we have even been fairly decent bootleggers too.


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  1. Weiner has been shamed because he was caught. He feels no guilt because he does not have the capacity for it. He knows he is doing the progressive mob’s bidding and believes that anything he does is justified by his utility to the mob’s goals, even if it is wicked by any objective reckoning.

  1. Weiner has been shamed because he was caught. He feels no guilt because he does not have the capacity for it. He knows he is doing the progressive mob’s bidding and believes that anything he does is justified by his utility to the mob’s goals, even if it is wicked by any objective reckoning.

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