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TSA Agents Seize 6 inch Plastic Hammer from Mentally Disabled Man

A 29 year old mentally disabled man travelling with his family was selected for a pat down by TSA agents at Detroit Metro Airport. Drew Mandy has the mind of a two year old. The family was on the way to Disney World.

When Drew was having problems following agents instructions his father, David Mandy, tried to explain his son wasn’t capable of understanding. The agents said, “Please, sir, we know what we’re doing.”

After satisfying themselves that the extra padding Drew was wearing was actually an adult diaper, the agents turned their attention to a six inch plastic hammer Drew carried. They determined that Drew’s hammer, which he carried like a security blanket, was too dangerous to allow on the plane. Good catch, guys!

Doesn’t this just fill you with wonder for the skill of these TSA agents. They are trained razor sharp to the Nth degree, are they not? It brings to mind questions that President Reagan asked about the 2nd Rangers who scaled the cliffs of Pointe du Hoc on D-day. Where do we find these men? Why do they do it?

The TSA agents do it because they can and I have discovered the answer to where these men are found:

Not sure if a pizza delivery guy can claim this TSA job as Logan Airport, Boston. Who knew the number TWO job in Boston paid 172k annual.

Oh well:

You’ll sleep soundly on your next flight because rough pizza dudes stand the watch at our nation’s airports. Janet Incompetano, take a bow. There aint no plastic hammers getting past your folks. Oh, wait, Drew’s mom had a backup toy hammer in her backpack. It sailed right through security.

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