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The Marxists Use Of Children; Example 1,999,999,999

Over the past 50 years the left in America has learned that which only the Marxist before them had learned, and that is to break down the Country from within you must use the children to do so. You see the Frankfurt School was one of the first to understand that Patriotic individuals wouldn’t turn on their Country, so they went after children They Have Learned Their Lessons Well

By becoming gender warriors, youths can finally find meaning in a nihilistic world.As Gender Spectrum trumpets, by being gender nonconforming, they can change the world.
The members of the Frankfurt School are smiling in their graves. With professors cajoling youths to mix it up gender-wise, the Marxists have achieved their dream of corrupting the U.S. from within.

The Marxists knew that they could never get patriotic, working Americans to take to the streets. Instead, the group decided to destroy the West by degrading traditional values.

What was one of the early actions of the radicals when they first got power? Introducing sex education in the schools in Hungary, when the Bela Kun socialist government took power in 1919.

Today, we have parents so brainwashed that they practice hands-free parenting. Steeped in moral relativism, they’re practically letting their kids raise themselves.

Then we have the progressive Left, once a fringe group kept in check by the majority culture. The Left is an amoral movement which worships pleasure and the self. Now in charge, many progressives have no boundaries or self-control.

The Marxists in charge of the schools in our Country are taking it to another level by using elected officials children against them We Need To Take Back Our Schools, And This Teacher Should Be Fired

A state lawmaker in North Carolina is upset today after he received a hand-written letter from his 8-year-old daughter. That may sound odd at first, but that’s not the whole story. The letter, you see, was part of a school writing project that had students write to local politicians about public education. And the young girl’s note included a direct message: “Please put the buget [sic] higher dad.”

“I was extremely disappointed, but I tried not to show that in front of my daughter,” Republican Mike Stone told WRAL-TV. “I don’t know that at any time we should use our third-grade students as lobbyists:”

Please go to The Blaze and read that horrendous letter that was sent to a Republican legislator and if someone from that area reads it, by God, do something about it. We cannot allow this hateful things to stand or they will be emboldened.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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