The economic gods have really been piling on to President Obama lately. (Are they racist?) Unemployment has edged back up to 9.1%, while housing prices are falling. Energy and food prices have climbed sharply. And everyone knows the US ran up over three trillion dollars of debt to achieve this happy state of affairs, that the spending can not go on at these levels, and that cutting it will produce even more short term economic pain.

Which brings up the quesiton of Mr. Obama’s electoral chances in 2012, and his running mate. He faces a very simple challenge. Either the president manages to turn things around by next spring, or he gets fired next fall. In the coming weeks, we can explore why the chances of a turnaround do not look good.

As for the running mate, that question goes beyond Joe Biden or whomever the lucky person might be that is asked to join the Titanic Ticket. Because, if we frame this election properly, the real running mate is the liberal brain, the true power behind the throne in the way that Dick Cheney was imagined to be in the Bush Administration, but never was.

The liberal brain is the animating power of this administration, with its evergreen faith in the power of the government to manage our affairs (as long as liberals are in charge, cramming their nostrums down our throats). We need to get that brain out there for all the world to see, and the damage it has done under its front man, Barack Obama. The left will try to distract us with all manner of diversions, and their insult machine will be revved up to the max.

Pay them no heed. Let’s recharge our batteries this summer, hone our skills, and prepare for a stormy, but exhilirating, election season.

Career financial professional with 30+ years in treasury management. American Airlines retiree. Lifelong Republican with center-right views. Host of Italian Tomatoes radio show on Blog Talk Radio. Managing Editor- www.jetamore.com, a travel and aviation blog.