Watchdog Issa’s Report re High Gas Prices: Yes Obama, You ARE to Blame


In a really not-so-surprising 43-page report, House Committee Oversight and Reform Chair Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA 49) has confirmed what we already know: Obama and his minions ARE the ones responsible for the rising gasoline prices that are hurting jobs, the economy and consumers. Full text below:

REPORT – Rising Energy Costs an Intentional Result of Government Action

Key points of the document:

  • Page 2, under FINDINGS: President Obama, Energy Secretary Chu and others have stated that American consumers should pay more for energy, including electricity and gasoline. From a political perspective, increasing the price of energy (by whatever means) helps them make the case for “green” energy. Even beyond the effort to raise energy prices through “cap and trade” legislation that Congress rejected, a pattern of increased enforcement, regulatory delay and new hurdles can be seen across numerous agencies and approval processes. The result of this government action is less production, higher costs for producers, and more expensive energy.
  • By 2015, fields in these areas could yield more daily oil than the Gulf of Mexico produces today, boosting domestic production by 20-40 percent and increasing our energy independence if government action does not severely restrict development and yields.
  • Even before the Gulf oil spill, the Department of the Interior had undertaken significant steps to restrict access to much of the energy resources located in the outer continental shelf: Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico, and along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts
  • Page 3: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed placing the dunes sagebrush lizard that lives in New Mexico and Texas on the Endangered Species list—designation that would severely restrict production activity in a resource-rich part of Texas.

Take a look at this one, still from page 3: [emphasis mine]

  • In an email message reviewed by the Committee, environmental advocates and EPA’s Texas-based regional director exchanged celebratory accolades for efforts that create barriers to energy production. One exchange concluded: “Yee haw! Hats off to the new Sheriff and his deputies!”

And we remember this quote from Obama (page 4):

Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. … Coal-powered plants, you know, natural gas, you name it, whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money.

Issa tells us this also on page 4:

  • Some of his key cabinet officials have expressed similar views. Prior to his confirmation as Secretary of Energy, Steven Chu, then director of the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, advocated raising gas taxes–and therefore prices–to encourage the sale of more-efficient cars: “[s]omehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.

It’s a long, and worrisome read. The conclusion begins on page 41. One key point Issa makes:

A pattern of evidence, as well as statements from before President Obama and Secretary of Energy Chu took office about the need for Americans to pay higher energy costs, raise alarming concerns about the existence of a campaign, across government agencies. This campaign aims to block carbon-based energy extraction, to tax it, and to otherwise increase its cost of use. The effort is occurring simultaneously with calls to heavily subsidize the development and use of “green energy.”

Yep, no conspiracy here.

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redneck hippie
May 27, 2011 3:57 pm

It’s up to us to get this message out there so the people have the facts. Thanks for reporting this. If the leadership doesn’t push this for all they’re worth, then they are useless.

May 27, 2011 5:29 pm

What does Congressman Issa do other than investigate? Isn’t there a second step after the investigation? The words “Grand Jury” come to mind but that’s just me.