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Jose Guerena, former USMC, killed by SWAT Team in Tucson

Yes, that SWAT team, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s SWAT team.

Watch and read:

Title: Marine murdered by SWAT at home in Tucson, Arizona

Aired this morning:

Seems SWAT got the wrong house, and Jose never fired a weapon he used for home defense. Safety was still on. SWAT never identified themselves either. They said, surviving she said. They shot him over 60 times. Then SWAT refused to allow EMS personnel to get to him for an hour.

SWAT lied and for 6 days Dupnik refused to allow local media access. It’s only making news now.

Watch this case, as this is the same guy, Dupnik, who kept Jared Loughner on the streets for years, covering up his own wrong doing, he is also a leftist thug.

[UPDATE] Helmet cam captures deadly home invasion by SWAT:


Worse news: 8 Americans killed in Kandahar yesterday. We’ll honor those men as soon as their names are made public, over the Memorial Day weekend.



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redneck hippie

Thank you, St. George, for looking into the background on this and bringing it back up to the fore.


I wonder how those swat team members can sleep at night, knowing they killed an innocent man. The sheriff is a lost cause, and befouls the office and the United States.


I think a cover-up is in the making, St G. Jaded mentioned the jack-booted thugs of our paramilitaries on the front page. In these times, we have to ask, will they know who they work for if push comes to shove?

This requires a lot of watching.


I’m having a hard figuring out, was this guy former-Marine, or active. And if former, what was he doing with an AR-15 in his house?


seems like bad training. 70 shots is a lot for a situation like this, reminds me of the NYPD where I used to live.

In the helmet cam, one member of the SWAT team falls after the breach, another one runs away when the shooting starts, and then comes back and starts shooting over the heads of the inserted team members. Just ridiculous.

The marine victim, never took his weapon off safe. Being well trained, he probably realized they were police, and never took any action to fire.

Sometimes the most dangerous people with guns are police.


Very well said nessa.

Queen Hotchibobo

Oh, this makes me sick. I feel so terrible, not only for the family that lost their husband/father/son, but for the men on the SWAT team.

I’ll never believe that our law enforcement guys deliberately killed one of our heroes. It is surely making them heart sick right now.

And that fool politician that thought you could kill someone and cover it up needs to be taken out and skinned. Slowly.


This is a tragic situation. Nessa has made some valuable observations here, and I agree with them. Beyond that, I don’t feel like I have enough information to assess further, except for two points: First, if it really was an hour before EMTs were allowed inside to work on Guerena, that’s unreasonable. No way it takes an hour to clear a house that size. Second, the thing that strikes me is that the tone of some of the reporting on this incident tends toward a “gotcha” aimed at Dupnik, because of his past incompetence and outspoken leftist politics. That’s only… Read more »


Aside from the amateurish behavior noted above, What concerns me is the 1:14 wait time to allow the paramedics in. No way the site wasn’t considered secure well before that time. They could have even moved him outside on a stretcher. Literally all of the excuses in the world could be exercised to allow for a bunch of excitable wanna be real cops to make stupid mistakes but that is the one that seems beyond the pale and beyond excuse. Almost like they were waiting for him to expire. Given that this is a commie county run by a commie… Read more »


Obama cracks down on abuses by big-city police departments

Lets see if he goes after Dupnik