Project “Put As Many Firearms Dealers Out Of Business Before November 2012 As Possible”


So the President of the United States is working gun control “under the radar“.  Imagine that.  Gee, we kinda always suspected as much, didn’t we?  We are not really shocked anymore at whatever this President or members of his inner circle might come up with.  What is a little surprising, though, is that this revelation of the President’s confiding in Jim and Sarah Brady what he is about comes on the heels of the now-infamous Project Gunrunner, or Gunwalker, episode on the Southwestern border with Mexico, in which the BATF encouraged law-abiding firearms dealers to turn a blind eye to and go along with the sale of weapons to buyers clearly not engaged in legitimate transactions. The theory of many 2nd Amendment supporters being that the Obama administration was playing a confidence game to hype weapons-trafficking activities in order to make an example of the firearms and firearms dealer industries and shut them down. You would think Obama would have been a little more circumspect with his plans than to share them with private citizens while the pot was still boiling over the ‘Operation Fast and Furious’ affair.
So the question now is, is this what Obama was hinting to Jim and Sarah Brady about?  Is this operation one of the ‘processes’  he was talking about going through ‘under the radar’ in order to infringe on our 2nd Amendment rights? We have learned that Eric Holder has tried to distance himself from the ATF operation, claiming he knew little to nothing about it. With this new revelation about Obama’s comments on gun control, perhaps it’s time for Darrel Issa to haul Mr. Holder back into the committee room and ask him if he has any idea what Mr. Obama was referring to when he talked about ‘going through processes’ and ‘under the radar’. What we need now are some huge, giant radar screens to be set up all over Washington, DC to see what shows up, along with some competent radar technicians to adjust the brightness and intensity of the blips for all America to see. And we need a new prize to be established for investigative journalism to inspire some of our guys (Pulitzers are reserved for left-wing scribes).

This is just one more example of the headlong rush to introduce as much regulation and edicts and mandates as possible, bypassing both the courts and the Congress, before either the Obama administration is run out of town or he solidifies his hold on power by even bolder extra-legal schemes.  A lot can happen in eighteen months.

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May 27, 2011 3:24 pm

Meshes nicely with Obama’s Gunrunner project. Get as many guns into Mexican drug lord’s hands, then blame US gun stores so he can then crack down by executive fiat.

Just something else for his bag of tricks

May 27, 2011 5:15 pm

Just as Salazar is in civil contempt of court for refusing to lift the GOM drill moratorium and still hasn’t complied, what are the chances Holder will turn over the documents subpoenaed?


And who is gonna do anything about it?

Soon ammo will be the “currency of use” and replace the dollar.