Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Michael Moore Calls For Obama To Finish Off Government Motors

I suppose it was always the intent for Obama and the Faculty Lounge Administration that he oversees to have the car companies they bought, in the name of the American people, to stop making “gas guzzlers” and make these flammable electric cars, Honey, Did You Unplug The Car Tonight?. It appears that the biggest (yes, I mean fat) Socialist of all, Michael Moore, wants his friend Obama to not only do that small item, but to crush the car industry all together for Americans.  This way, Japan will still be making those cars, as well as Ford, because Obama & Co doesn’t own them. Hey Michael, You Big Fat Idiot, Those Car Companies Are Union Owned And Operated, But Worry Not, The Unions Will Crush Them Quicker Then Even You Can Hope For.

Want to know how socialists think? Check out Michael Moore on MSNBC this evening, wishing President Obama would use the government’s power over the auto manufacturers to . . . kill the internal combustion engine.

As everyone knows, politicians and pundits know more about the market than billions of consumers. You don’t want to ride the rails? Tough. Watch Moore make his government-knows-best suggestion to kill the engine of progress to Larry O’Donnell this evening.

I would like to see Michael Moore use more mass transit; he would undoubtedly lose some weight walking from the train to the bus. What Michael Moore proves, once again about Socialists, is that they expect YOU to do what they would never do.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy


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