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Why Does The State Department Continue To Endanger Us?

Was it not enough to have learned our lessons on September 11th, 2001 when the murderer’s were found to have been given visas to our fine Country? Did we not learn any lesson? at all? I am disgusted that Hillary Clinton and the always America hating State Department would give student visas to Iranian students? Do they somehow believe that the government of Iran is letting “students” come here to learn how to have better government in Iran? I guess they probably are that stupid but it is a suicide pact that they are making with Iran to learn the ways of America to kill us from within Good Lord Hillary, Wake Up

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday the United States is easing visa terms for Iranian students here as part of efforts to support their aspirations for political change back home.

In what she called a “big step forward” in the Obama administration support’s for Iran’s people, Clinton said Iranian students and exchange visitors are now eligible for two-year, multiple entry visas.

“This gives young Iranians the opportunity to return home for family events, to participate in internships, to travel outside the United States — and they won’t need to get a new visa every time,” she said in a statement.

The chief US diplomat said many Iranian students and Iranian Americans had asked for a change to the old policy where students and exchange visitors were eligible only for three-month, single-entry visas.

“We want more dialogue and more exchange with those of you who are shaping Iran’s future. We want to be able to share what we think is great about America,” Clinton said.

I do believe the biggest problem that Washington DC has is pure, honest and America serving common sense is lacking in every damn head that goes down into that cesspool!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy &
does not destroy him is his own enemy

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“Many Iranian students….had asked for a change in policy…”
Why, yes! Whenever foreigners ask us for a change in policy, the least we can do is change our policy! How else can we help Obama fundamentally transform our country?
Jaded, there is so much more to be done than just taking the Senate and the White House, it’s not funny.