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Socialism Is Being Beat Back – One State At A Time

“Prosser WINS” – that was the big news in Wisconsin the day after the Supreme Court election, and it remains the big news today.  You know what is funny about this election? Wisconsin likes to bill itself as the progressive State, well surely the Socialists/Marxists knew that after almost one hundred years of Socialism/Marxism, that Wisconsin would PROGRESS on to something else…right? Lesson Number One For All States, Keep Your Republican District Numbers Until The End.

In sum, the differences don’t change Prosser’s margin of victory much. If one uses the numbers from the county-certified spreadsheets found on the county-by-county certified numbers/minutes page, Prosser’s margin of victory changes to 7,004. If one adjusts the numbers from the county-by-county certified numbers page for the instances where the canvass and minutes (where available) do not agree by substituting the numbers from the minutes (and the daily tracking spreadsheet) for the numbers on the certified spreadsheets, Proser’s margin of victory changes to 7,005.

What we have is a woman and a bunch of Socialists who thought spreading the wealth of the people of Wisconsin to ballot counters was worth the time, knowing full well they didn’t have the votes to overturn the actual election returns. Oh, the unions tried to win this one, but when Americans learn of these candidates they are rejecting them State after State. Time magazine was wrong in 2008 – we are NOT all Socialists now and we never will be!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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