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Code Pinkos demand US abandon Israel at White House rally

H/t Kenny Solomon at Israel Survival Updates and posted here with his permission.

Here they are at it again, Code Pink in their pink t-shirts demanding Obama abandon our one and only tried and true ally in the Middle East: Israel. FYI this rally took place several days before Obama’s speech where he threw Israel under the bus. So wondering if they had any influence…

Check our their repetitive chant:

Not one nickel, not one dime. We won’t pay for Israel’s crimes.

At least it rhymes.

Medea Benjamin and her crew failed to appear at the White House when Obama announced his foray into Libya yet they had a “shoe-in” to protest GWB’s foray into Iraq. Lot of hypocrisy going on here, Medea.

Even after Benjamin appeared on FoxNews complaining about Obama entering Libya, they still failed to appear at the White House.

I just love seeing the guys in those cute pink shirts.

You can read more of the story on Gateway Pundit. Be sure to read the comments. Priceless.

For those who wish to tweet at them, they can be found on twitter @codepinkalert

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