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Your Silence Speaks Guilt, Sheriff Dupnik

Our Military personnel are the bravest Americans we are blessed to have and when they come home to America they should have a sense of safety that being overseas does not provide. Yet, that is not the case in Tuscon Arizona. The biggest mouth this Country has ever seen in the form of a so called public servant, Sheriff Dupnik, has his department involved in the MURDER of a United States Marine and yet the media is silent. There is no doubt in this American’s mind that Marine Jose Guerena is as valuable a member of this Country as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and yet Dupnik is not out there screaming about rightwing crazies killing him because SWAT, under Dupnik, is the murderer. Where is the media? Indiana just placed this kind of murder into law as did Illinois.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department will release no more information about the circumstances surrounding the killing of Jose Guerena during the serving of a search warrant by the department’s SWAT officers May 5 at his home.

Two weeks after the shooting the department has yet to disclose exactly what they were searching for in the Guerena home as well as three other residences in the area that were subjects of a drug investigation. Court documents that show what officers were searching for in the case have been sealed and what was seized as evidence has also been sealed.

Silence is complicity, and for not only the media, but the public, to stand down in the face of a murder by law enforcement against a member of the United States Military is unacceptable. It is up to We, The People to get the message out. We are not wild animals to be shot at when overzealous militarized police cannot hold their trigger fingers. Do not let them get away with this, call the media wing of the Democrat Party, call your Congresspeople and demand an answer about this senseless death of a man who loved his Country more then himself. He wore the uniform of the United States Military to serve her. I encourage all of those who read the account – and recognize the complete wall of silence by law enforcement – to remember that one day, this could be you, too.

We understand that SWAT team members risk their lives to go after dangerous bad guys. Perhaps Jose Guerena was one of them. If so, the Sheriff’s Department should lay out its allegations. What we know now is that the 26-year-old former Marine, who served two tours in Iraq, had no criminal record.

We also know that police have tremendous power – even to enter a private home. Because law-enforcement has that awesome authority, citizens have the right to question its decision-making and actions.

Finally, we point out that Dupnik’s refusal to answer questions himself in this case stands in stark contrast to his behavior after the Jan. 8 Tucson shootings. Step out, Mr. Dupnik, and explain what happened and why.

I have written extensively over the years on the militarization of the police departments in State after State and the violence that always follows when you remove the department from policing and put them in combat boots. There are too many examples for this one dispatch, but put in no knock raids in the search engine and watch it light up with examples galore. It must stop and the fact that two States instituted no knocks into law, without the inhabitants having the ability to respond to “someone” breaking into their homes will increase the level of murder by police departments.!

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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