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The Cello Sings Harmony, LTC Benjamin J Palmer and SGT Kevin B Balduf

Kissed by an Angel, Where Violins are the Angels’ Voices,

and the Cello Sings Harmony….

For they swore by the Holy Water,
They swore by the salt they ate,
That the soul of Lieutenant Eshmitt Sahib
Should go to his God in state;
With fifty file of Burman
To open him Heaven’s gate.


LTC Benjamin J Palmer, 43, of of Modesto CA and

SGT Kevin B Balduf, 27, of Nashville, TN,

died May 12 , in Hellmand Province, Afghanistan while supporting combat operations.

Lt. Col. Benjamin J. Palmer, 43 (left), Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf, 27 (right)

They were of the Marine Wing HQ and 8th Communications Command, respectively, II Marine Expedition Force

Stand Down, Gentlemen

Rest in Peace


Lord, we ask your blessing today as we gather to pay our respects to American servicemen. It is our duty and our honor to gather together to honor these fellow Americans. Give strength to their families in their time of grief. Keep watch over our troops deployed through out the world and also here at home, as well as their families. The price of freedom is a cost borne by few for the benefit of many. Too often, we take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy, and it is at times like this that we realize that freedom is never free. We would also ask your blessing on us as we travel back to our homes, and we thank you, Lord for this day. Amen.

To see where Hellmand Province is, and what their casualty rate is, visit and support, Operation Enduring Freedom


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