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Gates says Security Leak About Osama Raid Threatens Seal Team 6, Family

OK, we called this first. Right here at UP next day.

The USS Hornet was my first thought Sunday night, because the Japanese take a loss of face very seriously, and the successful bombing of Tokyo just a few months after Pearl Harbor was just that, a giant slap at the impenetrable seat of the Empire.

Not one thing about this operation should have ever been released to the public, about the who, what and where of the raid. A simple “We did it” should have sufficed.

I call upon the U S House Committee of Foreign Affairs to take up the matter of security protocols and precautions in handling the information associated with this operation. We have friends there. Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen should be calling her people together right now.

Bring them in, line them up, put them under oath, check all the emails, all the phone records, from Hillary down to her Gs-5 clerks, to see who the loose lips belonged to. Then indict them and put them in jail.

The entire team, their families, their extended families were always a target, and now they are in harm’s way, all because of a house filled with insensitivity (it never dawned on them), indifference and no sense of honor came face to face with a prodding media who will be nowhere to be seen when any of those members are harmed.

This is not simple neglect. It

is criminal.

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Queen Hotchibobo

Gosh. I wonder who it was who couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.

Maybe now that the Spiking the Ball tour is finished, he can have a Shut Your Damn Mouth tour.

Spike the ball victory tour

redneck hippie

It is terrifying to me. When the question of releasing tapes of the raid came up my instant reaction was only if it does not harm the security of the personnel. I cannot and will not believe the pea ricks involved in the decision did not think of this. Nor do I believe that satisfactory systems were put into place to prevent the leak from happening.

Their only thought has Always been, how can we get into / keep Barack in the White House


And these are REAL Operatives, not like Plame who pushed a desk, apparently in total secrecy.

E Pluribus Unum

This thing , done so casually, so easily, with not a solitary stray thought, speaks to the scarcely fathomable evil that occupies the hearts of these wicked, wicked men.

They are not our political opponents. They are our enemies. Navy Seals, and many others, dedicate their lives, make astounding sacrifices to achieve excellence and perform duties they willingly take up. And no good punks like Barack and like Boxarocks Biden use them and cast them aside like a hamburger wrapper.


Agree with all the above and glad you mentioned Hillary, VB. For all of her tough talk, going back to when she was First Lady, she is a clueless airhead and had no business ever being a Senator or in charge of anything. From the famous “reset button” episode to her incredibly stupid comments of less than a year ago that the Mideast peace process should be wrapped up in a year or less. And every diplomat and foreign leader worth his or her salt knows it.


the obama machine will do and say WHATEVER IT TAKES to stay in power…at the cost of whomever and whatever…once we take that to heart, we will see them as they are…(in obama’s words) ‘the enemy’…