Thinking the Unthinkable about the Democrat Opponent, 2011


“Remember, we have no enemies, only opponents.”—Mitch Daniels, CPAC, Feb 2011

I am not willing to attach the name RINO to Mitch Daniels. I think he is a conservative. A good one in fact. But he misspoke at CPAC, and considering his resemblance to Cal Coolidge, it may destroy any chance he may have of being president.

For you see, while we desperately need a Calvin Coolidge in the White House, we need Cal the miser. The people want a Cal who is filled with piss and vinegar, and some humor, and not one set with a stone face.

But if you thought this was about Mitch Daniels, it’s not. It’s about that notion of “opponent.” We have to change it. The real term is “Enemy.”

In these times, I don’t believe the people really want a president who continues to represent the worldview inside all government (not just the Beltway) that we are simply engaged in a contest between two “opponents,” each playing against the other with the same rule book in their hip pocket…

…while all the evidence is to the contrary. Even the least amount of common sense and casual observation tells the ordinary citizen that this is not so.

And it has not been so for at least 70 years.

This is a worldview that the American people cannot allow to exist in its elected officials any longer. It is a matter of survival that we banish it until the contest has indeed been returned to a single playing field and a single playbook.

I can extend Christian charity only so far. For the terminally stupid, yes. But for the self-delusional and craven, no. For Congress, we’re still in a “repeal and replace” mode, and will be for some time.

Today, we have a Senate Minority leader who regularly refers to the architect of genuine criminal conduct in Congress as “My dear friend.” We have a Speaker of the House who only a year ago watched the people of the United States stripped of one of their most fundamental rights…the power to say “No”…but who now sends out mixed signals that the authors of that law can be worked with; that we can find common ground and common cause.

For two years (actually much longer) our leaders and their colleagues have been slapped in the face, called “Nazis,” “baby killers,” “war mongers,” “racists,” “euthanists,” yet, in Stockholm Syndrome near-unanimity, silently look to each other before yelling “Ouch” just to insure they don’t catch the attention of some lurking media member.

Why is it we get it and our professional politicians don’t?

It’s simple, we’re the victims, and they don’t intend to be. They will accept any indignity to keep their place around the flagpole.

The time for this has long passed. I can imagine the good-natured Ronald Reagan addressing a joint session of Congress in 1982, almost thirty years ago. Looking over the assembly, I doubt he could have imagined, or allowed himself to believe that as many as a quarter of the people seated there in front of him were dedicated to the overthrow of the constitutional form of government we’ve come to know.

I’m sure he couldn’t. Ronald Reagan would never have allowed himself to believe that they were anything other than “opponents” and that the “enemy” was across two oceans.

But that was then and this is now, for what Ronald Reagan couldn’t believe actually had already been true for over 70 year. It had been a matter of record and history since Wilson and FDR. But conservative thinkers simply refused to connect dots that these were not competing policies and philosophies, but rather ideas about a system of government that was anathema to the entire purpose of the Constitution of the United States and the liberty of men. Like libertarians on drugs, they thought could “handle it” through the normal processes. Even Moses Sands, in the early 60s turned his back and left the US, thinking this attack on the US could never bear fruit.

It was not until the People were finally slapped hard…very hard…that they finally understood. That was our 2008 wake-up call. The People had relied on their conservative “protectors” to be out in front on their behalf.

Instead, the People now find themselves in the position of having to convince their own leaders of the real stakes in this game, as if they’d been held back in 6th grade until they passed the civics test. Remedial Government 101 for Congress, tutored by the American Tea Party.

This we know: It is not a game, it is a war. And it is for total control. And the rulebook back in their hip pocket was never the same constitutional rulebook in our own.

They are the Enemy.

So now, in 2011, we are entering a second phase of convincing as many of those leaders as we can, and replacing them when we must. We did a great job last year, 96 newbies, and we need to do equally as well in November 2012.

The good news: 1) We have a group of new Congressmen who at least for now, get it, and 2) from the tone of first GOP debate, ostensibly from the second tier of candidates (yeah!) this next campaign is going to be in-yer-face Obama, in-yer-face Democrats, and in-yer-face Socialism.

A person recently asked me what I considered to be political victory in this war with the Left. It took a day to get back to him. But as I see it, “political victory” means that the Constitution shall once again be the centerpiece of governance in America, and that the playing field, the rulebook, the goals and ambitions of all political parties shall be carried out within the four corners of the constitutional promises and protections as envisioned by the Founders. This should be our end game.

Right now, all we know are two things: 1) Progressivism is and always has been in direct opposition to the purposes of the Constitution, namely the freedom and liberty of the individual. If anyone wants to debate this, tell them to hire a hall and bring their experts and television crews, and we’ll bring ours. 2) No one, Republican, conservative, you name it, including Ronald Reagan, has fully recognized this fact, or said so publicly.

This then, is our first hurdle, getting the right people among the new members of Congress and the new “second tier” candidates to admit this…if only to themselves in the mirror. Once done, they can then begin asking all the right awkward questions to put the Left on defense.

But they have to show us they get it. Or we will replace them.

We want…we need…to see Schumer so angry he will drop Mitch McConnell from their Facebook page. Harry Reid needs to be so pissed he won’t call him to fill out a foursome on Saturday.

Boehner needs to know what it’s like to have his name dropped from Stenny’s speed dial. Then regale in it rather than dread it. The whole GOP leadership needs to sit back and see what it looks like for the Dems to storm, or sulk away in anger, then, for once, wait the few weeks, or even months, when they will have to come slinking back, begging for any bone we’d care to throw off the table, by way of compromise, in the spirit of bi-partisanship…just as the GOP has had to do since Sam Rayburn ran Congress.

If Mitch Daniels wants to be president he must be willing to say…OK, not in the unvarnished patois of the street…but at least as direct, and with equal fire that exists in the other candidates with equal executive leadership skills…

…that the policies of the Obama administration and the Democrat party are destroying the American republic and the heart and soul of the constitutional promise, in favor of an authoritarian government long reviled by all men who would be free. Call it what you want. But it is not by accident or stupidity. It is intentional.

Tell us these things, and we will understand…

…that you understand.

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May 10, 2011 5:35 pm

Well said and badly needed, Vassar.

Yeah, we need our Repub “leaders” to boldly speak the truth to power and to call socialism for exactly what it is rather than tip-toeing around it as if (in their Stockholm Syndrome state of mind) they have an irrational fear of what will happen if their captor withdraws “approval” and “compromise”.

We the people need to know that they know. We need to know that they won’t be captives any more.

May 10, 2011 7:18 pm

I think that the GOP needs to elect the person who is most fearless against a steady drum beat media onslaught. It needs to be someone who does not need some kind of schtick or gimmicks. If they have advisors who try to remake them into someone who they are not, then they have to do like Reagan did and fire them from the campaign. A conservative wins when the opportunity is afforded to him. A Republican like Christie who may not be the most conservative, can also win because the media attacks do not scare him. I am not… Read more »

May 10, 2011 7:44 pm

VB- I remember quite awhile ago you saying that we were not going to be able to turn things around in this country in one election (2010), and, that it would take two and possibly three elections. Today, in Neil Cavuto’s ending monologue, he clearly stated that today was the day the American economy died, or some such thing. He talked about the troops sent to DC in the 2010 elections, but, today they let us all down. His screech was because the Republicans gave up on Medicare reforms, most likely the Ryan proposals. Cavuto is so wrong to think… Read more »

May 10, 2011 7:53 pm

Anyone who doesn’t recognize that the socialist left wants to destroy this Country and is thereby the ENEMY is not paying attention and needs to be shaken severely.

May 10, 2011 11:57 pm

Damn well said Vassar!! And high time it was said as well, “Not Evil, Just Wrong” my a$$! As for our spineless, aisle-crossing, bi-partisan traitors in the GOP… It reminds me of a story… A good many years ago I had a Platoon Sergeant who routinely asked decision makers how they carried their huevos. He was Hispanic and as full of piss and vinegar as anyone I’ve ever met. The decision maker could be one of his protege’s, a young buck Sergeant like myself at the time, struggling to make the right decision, or our Lieutenant, our Company Commander, I… Read more »

May 12, 2011 2:34 am

We have to defeat the GOP establishment first, then it will be easier to take it to the enemy. Our current “leadership” will not do it. They are part of the DC establishment. We need a critical mass of real patriots in DC to change the culture. Hopefully the few that were inspired by the tea partiers can hang on until reinforcements arrive over the next couple elections.

Queen Hotchibobo
May 12, 2011 9:36 am

Good post. Right on the money.