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CA. Teachers Union; It’s “About The Childrenâ„¢”

After Gov. Brown’s making moves to shore up one of his favorite special interests, the California unions that got him elected, you’d think there wouldn’t be much left for the unions to complain about. Well you’d be wrong, they know who the boss is, and it’s us.

In recent months, The California GOP has been refusing to assist Democrats in either passing new taxes or putting an initiative on the ballot. Such ballot initiative would allow unions running commercial campaigns to trick the people into voting for a tax increase themselves. The state Dems are understandably pissed. They tried to threaten the GOP, but found a better tactic; threaten “The Children“.

Thousands of California teachers are expected to take part in a weeklong series of rallies and sit-ins this week at the Capitol and throughout the state to protest possible spending cuts in the state budget.

Teachers face the threat of mass layoffs, larger classes and the elimination of myriad programs because of California’s $15.4 billion budget shortfall.

The California Teachers Association is pressing Gov. Jerry Brown to back off his call for a special election and instead push GOP lawmakers to directly approve an extension of higher sales, income and vehicle taxes.


Using their usual ace-in-the-hole, a co-ordinated attack is about to begin, using TV, billboards, and yes, pictures of “poor sad children” to further their aims of unlimited spending and unlimited taxation.

And “The Children” who would normally be in school, what of them? School districts like LA Unified are already planning shorter days to accommodate the labor unions, I guess the kids will just have to pick up a sign? I’m sure they won’t be out on the streets getting into mischief – not like their teachers, anyway.

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