There She Stands!


It’s been quite a week.

Sunday night, President Obama announced to the world that a supremely trained and finely honed Navy Seal assault team had dispatched justice to a man who so richly deserved it: Osama bin Laden. For the victims of the barbaric assaults of 9/11…the Cole bombing…the first attack on the World Trade Center…and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in this War on Terror, a sense of closure began to wash over their bruised and tattered souls .

In the days that have followed, there have been conflicting reports of the who, what, when, where and how of what happened as the Obama Administration seemed to have a dickens of a time getting its narrative straight, and gallons of ink and gigabytes of type of been spilled analyzing the raid, and the Administration’s response afterward.

Lost in all that verbiage, at times, has been a reminder of what bringing justice to Osama bin Laden’s front door was and is really all about: the indomitable American spirit.

For all of our problems…for all of our economic woes…for all of the concerns expressed as to whether America’s best days are behind us, a group of dedicated, selfless, patriotic Americans in our intelligence and military services showed again why America is the greatest and best hope of the world. And they showed again that America, when it puts its mind to it, can accomplish what few if any countries in the history of the world have attained.

There are many problems facing this great nation, some of them seem to be insurmountable; sometimes we grow weary of the fight; sometimes we wonder whether there are enough of our fellow Americans who care enough to engage in the fight ahead before we, collectively, as a nation hurtle off the cliff into financial oblivion.

For you, and for me, I leave you with this poignant reminder of what America is, what it can achieve, and for what it is that we continue to fight:

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Constitutional conservative living in the frozen tundra. American first, conservative second, and Precinct Committeeman because I got tired of ColdWarrior hassling me about it (which, btw, led me to being elected as GOP County Chair, to my Congressional District Central Committee and to the state Central Committee).
Fervent believer that if we followed the Tenth Amendment more, we'd be hassled by the government a lot less.

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Queen Hotchibobo
May 6, 2011 12:40 pm

Oh, my. That is glorious, eburke.

And as a bonus for me, I got to watch Michael W. Smith perform this live a couple of weeks ago. Made me cry. Made me cry again today.


May 6, 2011 2:52 pm

Thank you for this, eburke. I believe in her, too. When I see the flag flying high, blowing in the breeze, there’s something about it that inspires me. I become more determined somehow to make sure that it will still stand and that freedom will still stand for those coming up behind us.

I really love this country. It may not be perfect, but it is my country and I love it.

May 7, 2011 2:10 pm

I feel sorry for the left. They have little to celebrate. We have a lot.

There she stands and we stand with her.