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I Will See Your Black Chamber And Raise You Mine

It is amazing how simply, day after day, week after week, it is shown that liberalism equates to thievery. Thievery:  the process of taking someone else’s stuff while keeping one’s own and keeping that which they take as well This Is Barack’s Chamber NOT The Conservative Black Chamber

A top official from the U.S. Black Chamber, Inc. – the Obama-backed, rival upstart to Harry Alford’s National Black Chamber of Commerce – has a checkered past and faces criminal charges from allegations he exploited a Hurricane Katrina victim.

According to Raleigh, N.C.-based WRAL, which broke the story, Brandon Trainer, who led the North Carolina Regional Black Chamber of Commerce and served as treasurer for the U.S. Black Chamber, skipped town in 2006 when he was charged with defrauding a Hurricane Katrina victim out of $1500.

Trainer also boasted of his Ivy League education at Harvard University, but records show he never even enrolled there as an undergraduate. He did attend classes in a career development program for one semester.

The revelations have left the North Carolina chamber in shambles, but Alford, head of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, said his group would step into the void.

“We knew this was going to happen. We have contacted people in Raleigh and will go down there and assist them in starting a bona fide chamber. We are actually going to Wilmington, N.C., next week to do the same (cleaning up his trail of ‘blood’).

You see, the Conservative Black Chamber is onto Barack Hussein Obama and his Marxist ways, but this local Black Chamber, with all of its liberalism and the thievery that comes with liberalism, is all Barack’s baby. They set up to support him, and along with his other groups – ACORN, ACLU, Al Sharpton etc., you can see the poison in the chamberpot. Ugly is on the inside as it consumes the outside, and the Barack Obama approved Black Chamber of Commerce is just plain ugly.

Whoever has his enemy at his mercy & does not destroy him is his own enemy

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