Wow! Hezbollah setting up a home base in Mexico…


Found this article while “surfin’ the web” at work (don’t know why it’s called surfin’. My wife laughed at me when I sat down with my swimmin hole shorts  on and a towel one time).

Anyway, I contacted ol’ PW and he said I should let all of you know about it along with my thoughts. (Don’t know too much ’bout the thoughts part, though. I guess I’m just a knuckle dragging God and guns clinger but I’ll give it a shot)!

Being as I’m pretty ignorant I did me some research. (Much as I could being at work). I found out that Hezbollah stands for “Party of God.” Well, I thinks to myself, that’s gotta be a good start! I’m all for God and as long as there’s not too much drinkin’ (Leinies of course) I’ve been known to enjoy a good party! So I figure that they must be some good fellows.

Why Mexico? Kinda far away from that Middle East place I hear talked ’bout. So once again I started to think…

Maybe they plan on settin’ up one of them there amusement parks like they did in that Lebanon place! ( That’s it! They gonna try and compete with that Disney fella! I hear they even got their own mouse! (

Then I did some more thinkin’. Since they seem like such nice people, maybe they gonna try and raise money to help the poor in Mexico! (  Maybe hold bingo games like the Catholics or maybe even a donkey raffle! Boy, them Hezbollah fella’s sure seem nice!

Or maybe, they done heared ’bout the trouble some places in Mexico’s been a havin’ with violence and decided that they want to help out! They probably done figured that they can get some guns ( and help protect the people down there like they have elsewhere in the world! ( ) Boy, them Hezbollah fellas seem nicer and nicer all the time!

All I know is we sure ain’t gonna have no trouble with them here in the good ol’ US of A my friends! ‘Sides from them bein’ so nice, our border is as safe as can be! I hear tell it’s tighter than a possum’s backside with a dog  runnin’ up on him!  ( )

I hope I done good with my cogitatin’ and made ol’ PW proud! You gotta take to account that I wasn’t smart enough to gets to college and had to go in the Marine Corps instead. ( ) Thought maybe I’d be going to that Iran place but that Reagan fella, well he must of scared the bejeebers out of someone! Wasn’t in that long though, body pretty beat up afore hand. Really don’t even consider myself a veteran. Wasn’t good enough…

Well, I hope you’ve found the preceding amusing. Hope I didn’t offend anyone – all meant in humor. Sometimes that seems to be all we have left. (Exceptin’ for God in my heart and and the gun in my hands…)

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Wisco Dave
Have a small farm in WI near largest freshwater cattail marsh in USA. Have horses, mule and donkey. "Raise" Ossabaw Is. Hogs and PBPs.
30 years in foundries. Now work as an analyst in an independant testing lab. Life member NRA. Consider myself a Constitutional Conservative. Working on Ham radio license. VERY happily married to a truly wonderful, UNDERSTANDING woman!!

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May 5, 2011 4:01 pm

ROTFLMAO! Nicely done! You cogitate real good!

P. Smith
May 5, 2011 7:07 pm

I agree with mriggio you are quite the cogitator. Now I will say I have friends who just moved from San Diego area to Texas. Approximately a year and a half ago she and her husband was at a meeting about border security. A retired FBI and CIA agents spoke. Both concurred that Hamas and Hezoballah were already in our country, in cells, and just waiting for the right moment. Be diligent now that OBL is dead.

May 5, 2011 7:20 pm

Yeah, you did good, Wisco Dave! This was awesome, and I hope to see some more of your cogitatin’.

Queen Hotchibobo
May 6, 2011 12:46 pm

Funny take on it.

And on a serious note, we’re going to have to get tough or die.

May 8, 2011 12:31 pm

Beautiful example of a traditional style of American humor that predated Mark Twain but reached its height with him. I love it! More please.

To the point, Queen Hottie is right. The bitter clingers have the answers we need against both the global jihadists and their backers in the international socialist/communist community.