Obama’s Justice Dept. Wants to Change College Football


In a move that should inspire outrage in college football fans everywhere, Obama’s Justice Department has decided that the College Bowl System is a violation of antitrust laws! Rather than going after petty criminals like international drug cartels, or preventing voter fraud, this justice department wants to dictate how college football picks it’s champions.

It seems that the Justice Department is very concerned about their view of fairness. They feel that the current bowl system isn’t fair to the smaller schools. There are 6 conferences who’s champions get automatic bids to bowl games. Other conferences have to compete in order to get bowl bids.

But perhaps this is just The Won’s attempt to fulfill one of his campaign promises when he threatened “to throw my weight around a little bit” in order to force college football into a playoff format to replace the current BCS system.

While I won’t argue the merits of BCS vs playoff systems, I can say that the government has no business dictating the format to the NCAA.

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Brian Hibbert
Midwestern conservative, Precinct Committeeman, county GOP Executive Committee secretary and currently a candidate for the Board of Trustees at Illinois Central College.
It's amazing what can happen if you just show up and put in a little effort.

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May 5, 2011 9:02 am

Government by the Leftist Democrats is gradually being redefined as royal decrees. Tyranny.

Holder’s justice department isn’t interested in justice, unless it is for a certain racial group. We’ve reached the tipping point when Justice is no longer blind.

Mike gamecock DeVine
May 5, 2011 11:56 am

But could this divert Justice Dept resources from prosecuting military and CIA heroes; drumming up false claims of “institutional racism”; and/or KSM show trials in NYC?

May 5, 2011 3:48 pm

More cognitive dissonance. Didn’t want to pursue the Black Panther charges, oh no, uh-uh. But now, collegiate football, that’s a truly important matter we can really sink our teeth into! Yes, indeedy!

Pitiful, absolutely pitiful.