Monday, September 27, 2021
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A Pox on bin Laden

I suppose many people have curses they would like to lay on Osama bin Laden. This is my curse on his doomed soul. It is not pretty.

Osama bin Laden: Rot in Hell! You deserved every bullet you took and thousands more. I hope your burial shroud was packed full of rotting, slimy hog intestines because you and your body don’t deserve any respect or admiration from anyone. Your gelatinous, putrescent corpse will be food for albino sea worms, crabs, shellfish, and other haram bottom dwellers on the floor of the Arabian Ocean. After your body rots and is devoured by the half-blind denizens of the watery deeps, as years pass your name will become a curse on the lips of your descendants and relatives. Your actions will make you a bogeyman used to frighten children. With time, memories of you and everything you stood for will be rejected and disappear from the minds of men, drifting like dust over the doorsteps of collapsed buildings in abandoned cities that have been empty so long nobody remembers their names. Your proclamations, thoughts, and jihad will be completely forgotten. And after all that time, the punishment you suffer at the hands of the devils in Hell will have barely commenced. It will continue for an eternity of eternities until the end of time.

I have never felt I needed to curse anybody like this before, but could not repress it.

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