Exactly What Did Pakistan Know?


Apparently, someone in the WH had some of the same questions going through their mind that I had….what did Pakistan really know about Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts and when did they know it?

In this map of Pakistan, it shows where the capitol city of Islamabad is located.  Abottabad, which is where bin Laden’s compound was located, is just north of Islamabad, bordering Kashmir.  Here are some photos of bin Laden’s compound.

Lately, I’ve found more accurate and detailed information about what is going on in this nation from sources outside our own country than from our own media.  I went to see what this site might have to say about these events.

The United States questioned Monday how Osama bin Laden had managed to hide out undetected in a Pakistani compound, after the Al-Qaeda leader was killed in an overnight raid by US special forces.

Counter-terrorism chief John Brennan said it was “inconceivable” bin Laden had not had some kind of support system as he managed to live “for an extended period of time” in a heavily-fortified compound barely two hours drive from Islamabad.

Laying bare Washington’s mistrust of its “war on terror” ally, he revealed that the Pakistani government had only been notified of the raid after the elite team of Navy SEALs had left Pakistan’s airspace.

“We are looking right now at how he was able to hold out there for so long and whether or not there was any type of support system within Pakistan that allowed him to stay there,” Brennan told a White House briefing

Pakistan may not have had any information about the events that occurred yesterday, but all things considered, the questions Mr. Brennan has raised are valid questions.  Consider this description of bin Laden’s compound:

Officials said they were stunned when intelligence reports first revealed the elaborate security at the compound, with 12-18 foot (four-to-six metre) high walls topped with barbed wire

We’re only talking about 72 miles north of capitol, in a army-garrison town that boasts the nation’s premier military academy, and yet no one noticed this structure or thought it suspicious?  Plus, there was a 25 million dollar bounty fee on bin Laden.  Surely, that close to the capitol, he was getting some kind of protection?  Was the protection being provided on Musharraf’s watch?  Or was he being kept in the compound for other reasons, perhaps by his own Jihad? And was the new President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, the one who was instrumental in assisting the U.S. in getting access to bin Laden?

Regarding the questions about Osama bin Laden’s body, here is what is being reported internationally:

Bin Laden was buried at sea having been administered Islamic religious rites, US officials said. “We wanted to avoid a situation where it would become a shrine,” one said

The article above provides other information about Osama bin Laden and about responses to his death in the middle east.  It also include the following

But both in 1998 and after 9/11, bin Laden was unrepentant about what he called his divinely ordained mission against the United States and Israel.

“Jihad will continue,” he said not long after September 11, 2001. “Even if I am not around.”

Maybe so, Osama bin Laden, but what the world now knows, beyond any shadow of doubt , through the evidence of your own death, is that the US will stand against it all the same.


Updated:  Pakistan knew, apparently since 9/11.  The Daily Telegraph provides the details.




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May 3, 2011 2:41 am

Those questions are the same as mine. Plus, Musharraf wasted no time condemning the operation. Plus, the same article points out Pakistani officials weren’t told about the raid ril after it was over.

Yeah, something ain’t right in Abbottabad, or Islamabad for that matter.

May 3, 2011 12:41 pm

I’m sure they knew at some level but probably not any details. They have reacted for political cover.

What is interesting is the media blitz of the “treasure trove” of data recovered. This tells me they don’t have much but want to bluff the network into changing code words, moving out from current hideouts etc…

if there was a treasure trove they wouldn’t announce it to jeopardize future ops.

We won’t know much truth for years as they use the media for the tools they are, spinning and disinformation.