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And this man is a judge!

Russell Stamper is a Reserve Judge in Milwaukee County, WI.
No one can tell me that his political views have never clouded/influenced any of his decisions.
We can never take our eye off the ball when it comes to the judiciary.
Too often this has been the case, especially here in WI. The Republicans, years ago, put a very liberal dem into a Federal Judge position (for life) in order to gain a majority in the State Legislature for a few months – which they did nothing with.

Wisco Dave
Have a small farm in WI near largest freshwater cattail marsh in USA. Have horses, mule and donkey. "Raise" Ossabaw Is. Hogs and PBPs. 30 years in foundries. Now work as an analyst in an independant testing lab. Life member NRA. Consider myself a Constitutional Conservative. Working on Ham radio license. VERY happily married to a truly wonderful, UNDERSTANDING woman!!


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