May 1: Happy Commie Union Thug Day!


I love the month of May – the last vestiges of winter gloom have been swept away and have given way to wondrously delightful spring. Birds are chirping, flowers blooming, and trees and grass awaken and revive, adorning America in life anew. Graduations and weddings abound, and thoughts turn toward new goals and situations.

Incongruously, this fine month is kicked off by the celebration of the virtues of organized crime, corruption, theft, graft, and political and economic oppression.

May 1, also known as  May Day, and comically known as the International Workers’ Day, is an official holiday in 80 countries, and is widely associated with labor unions, communism, socialism, and anarchist groups.  In fact the connection with far-left radicalism is so strong that in 1958 the US Congress re-designated the day “Loyalty Day” because the May Day had become so closely identified with Soviet Russia.  You may have noticed that name did not particularly stick, inasmuch as the American left does not WANT to dilute their association with all things communist, socialist, and oppressive.

So I must ask, this being something of a High Day for Democrats, have you hugged a commie union thug today?  It’s a matter of personal preference, but the hug I prefer is a good forearm shiver.  But consult your own bag of tricks: right cross-left uppercut combo; upward elbow to the chin; hammer fist to kidney;  hook behind the heel and flying roundhouse kick to the ear.   Anything warm and friendly such as these will do nicely to show your spirit of comity, tolerance, and friendly coexistence with the Democrats on Commie Union Thug Day.

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Clark Kent
Kansas born and raised. Did OK in football.

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redneck hippie
May 1, 2011 11:28 pm

Let us waltz around the Maypole. Weave flowers in our hair, while chanting of goodness and the lightness of being.

Nah…I like your way better. snort snort