Club for Growth Helps Me Count Coup


Club For Growth has recently published a Congressional Scorecard for 2010. I thank them for their effort. It helps me to count coup, and it shows how false the meme that the GOP only won on the margins in November 2010 elections. There are 3 US Senators and 9 US House members who replaced those who scored 0% on the Club For Growth scorecard. This means that the Congressional Scorecard for 2011 will have decidedly better scores for these 3 states and 9 congressional districts. I know we can not rest on our laurels of victory in November 2010. We have to keep an eye on them, and try to keep them from coopting all the bad habits of the establishment politicians who have been reelected too often. I know at some point they will be casting votes that will disappoint me, but the scorecard reminds me how our worst elected GOP politicians are better than almost all of the elected Democrats. Some of these newly elected GOP politicians are not yet making the news, but the change they create by whom they replaced is enough for me to recognize and appreciate them. I have listed with a photo of each the three US Senators and nine US House members who changed the makeup of the US Congress significantly. I heartily thank all of them for what they have already done just by getting elected.

IL Sen. Mark Kirk replaced Roland Burris

ND Sen. John Hoeven replaced Byron Dorgan

PA Sen. Pat Toomey replaced Arlen Specter

KS-3 Rep. Kevin Yoder replaced Dennis Moore

MN-8 Rep. Chip Kravaack replaced James Oberstar

NC-2 Rep. Renee Ellmers replaced Bob Etheridge

NH-1 Rep. Frank Guinta replaced Carol Shea-Porter

NY-19 Rep. Nan Hayworth replaced John Hall

OH-15 Rep. Steve Stivers replaced Mary Jo Kilroy

PA-7 Rep. Patrick Meehan replaced Joe Sestak

SC-5 Rep. Mick Mulvaney replaced John Spratt

WI-7 Rep. Sean Duffy replaced David Obey

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Mike gamecock DeVine
April 29, 2011 5:30 pm

Yes, as you say: “…the scorecard reminds me how our worst elected GOP politicians are better than almost all of the elected Democrats.” The KISS method is best for voters. Vote the R.

April 29, 2011 6:28 pm

Thanks Pilgrim for all your research. Of all I was so gratified to get Etheridge and Kilroy out, Kilroy being from my home state and I was mightily aware of the damage she had done.