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John Boehner says Barack Obama playing the ‘race card’

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — On the heels of forcing President Barack Obama to make public his Hawaiian birth certificate, John Boehner on Wednesday accused the president, his supporters and the national media of playing the “race card” against republicans and the teaparty.

Boehner said the media is trying to make the pursuit of Obama’s birth certificate a race issue, but forcefully said that “this has nothing to do with race. Absolutely nothing.”

“There is nobody who’s less of a racist than me,” said Boehner.

He likened the attacks against him to those the Clintons faced during the 2008 primary campaign.

“And they did it with [former President Bill] Clinton,” Boehner said. “Clinton was made into a racist by Obama, and he’s never forgotten it. And there’s nobody that’s less of a racist than Bill Clinton.

“He did it with Bill Clinton, and with Hillary,” Boehner added. “He made them into racists. That’s why I was amazed that Hillary went to work for him. … Here’s two people, Hillary and Bill Clinton, who really devoted a lot to African-Americans. They did probably as much as anybody, and he made them into racists.”

This is Fantastic! Our republican controlled house leader is finally standing up and speaking truth to this disastrous administration. He’s mad as hell and he’s not taking it anymore!!11!1

oh wait…this wasn’t Boehner that said this, it was Donald Trump…my bad.


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