Dr. Wallace Charles Smith is no Jeremiah Wright, when it comes to flamboyance, histrionics, and outright bombast. But it is there the differences end. The President and family attended his church, Shiloh Baptist in Washington, D.C. for Easter services. It was founded by freed slaves and remains predominantly black to this day. All fine with me, except that Smith seems to be a kinder, gentler version of Wright.
H/T WRNO.com:

Excerpted quotes H/T The Blaze:

“Anytime you can have the kind of hate-mongering that continues in the hallowed halls of talk radio it show that Barack’s presidency has not solved the problem,” Smith said in 2010.

“Now Jim Crow wears blue pin stripes … and he doesn’t have to wear white robes anymore, because now he can wear the protective cover of talk radio, or can get a regular news program on Fox. He doesn’t have to wear his white garments anymore.”

He continued: “Even such venerable saints as Rush Limbaugh know the lines they are not to cross. But any of their constituency can hear clear the same vile filth spewing forth in their statements that was once the purview of Robert Shelton and members of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Citizen’s Council.”

Yep, you heard right. To Smith the incendiary race rhetoric of the Klan has merely been couched these days in…. politeness. OK, that how you want to play it, Reverend? Then it seems more than fair to say that the “G-D America” of Wright has given way to your, more polite, race baiting as well. Smith, too, seems to find race in everything, even a baby’s gurgle:

“[Pastor Smith] talked about how his baby grandson’s gurgling is actually “talking” because he is saying ‘I am here … they tried to write me off as 3/5 a person in the Constitution, but I am here right now … and is saying I am not going to let anybody from stopping me from being what God wants me to be.'”

Unbelievable. By the way, the video is from January of last year but the amazing leap from a baby’s gurgle to institutuional racism was made at the Easter service.

In the WRNO article Parker makes the final observation that “…Obama prefers and actively seeks out these churches, race is our President’s primary motivation on a variety of decisions, and the media will actively provide cover for minority racists as long as it fits their narrative.”

I can’t help but agree. Less fire and vitriol than Wright’s racist rhetoric, but the same message, even to the anti-Americanisms. All couched in the “polite racism” he accuses Limbaugh of. It appears “institutional racism” is alive and well in some black churches and those seem to be the ones Obama seeks out. I guess Lt. Carey Cash, of the Evergreen Chapel at Camp David didn’t work out. After all, Southern Baptists are so…. white.

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