Ohio’s Governor Kasich speaks out on teacher merit pay


Recently SB5 passed in Ohio and was signed into law by Governor Kasich. The law bans strikes by public workers and limits collective bargaining and will make Ohio the first state to use “performance pay” for their teachers. Here is Governor Kasich on an interview with Bill Cunningham:

This means Ohio would be the first state to replace automatic pay hikes for teachers with a “performance-pay” system.

Kathy Christie, Chief of Staff for the Denver-based Education Commission of the States, a nonpartisan group that researches education policy had this to say:

“That is the type of component that really, really resonates with the public. If you are not pulling your weight, if you are not getting performance, if you are not tenacious and really trying to learn and all those sorts of things you want to see teachers doing, then you don’t move up at all.”

Here is a document for education reform in Ohio with facts and proposals Transforming Ohio for Growth. Highlights are:

  • Ohio is being passed by as the global economy evolves.
  • Evidence is “money isn’t the answer.”
  • Stimulus money is gone and isn’t coming back.
  • Ohio must “do more with less.”
  • Adults must take responsibility for students’ success.
  • When adults compete for the right to educate, the students win.

Solutions proposed are:

  • Improve educator licenses processes.
  • Reward superior educators.
  • Support innovative schools and close those schools who underperform.
  • Expand school choice.
  • Invest in schools, not bureaucracies.
  • Make higher education more affordable.

These proposals are not going over well with teachers as there are plans for a referendum on the November ballot to overturn SB5. Matt Dotson of OEA had this to say:

“We are concerned about it because currently there aren’t any student growth measures that exist that are designed to be valid and reliable for high stakes decisions like teacher compensation.”

231,000 valid signatures are needed by June 30 to get the referendum on the ballot. As a reader of the Toledo Blade they reported long lines several days ago to sign the petitions. But then again, Toledo is a large union town.

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redneck hippie
April 26, 2011 8:51 pm

Would be a shame if the ballot initiative succeeds. Indiana’s teacher merit pay bill is right now headed to the governor’s desk. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chibrknews-teacher-merit-pay-bill-heads-to-indiana-gov-20110425,0,3225209.story?track=rss “A bill linking teacher pay with student performance is heading to Gov. Mitch Daniels for his signature after winning final legislative approval Monday. The Republican-ruled Senate voted 36-13 mostly along party lines to send the merit pay bill to Daniels, who is expected to sign the bill since it is part of his expansive education agenda. Under the bill, teachers would be evaluated annually, and those in the bottom two of four categories would not be eligible… Read more »

April 26, 2011 10:44 pm

“We are concerned about it because currently there aren’t any student growth measures that exist that are designed to be valid and reliable for high stakes decisions like teacher compensation.” Wait a minute…we have how many duplicate agencies in our government supposedly addressing the issue of teacher quality and yet we have NO standardized outcome measures that can be used in resolving these kinds of issues? This would be a grand opportunity for Repubs to pull back up the GOA report that had the number of duplicate agencies (I think it was over 80) dealing with teacher quality and challenge… Read more »