Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Thoughts on Wisconsin

Several items came to my attention today. I’ll post what I’ve heard and follow up as I find out more.
Kloppenburg will attempt to circumvent the State Supreme Court election results by asking a Federal judge to set aside the results of the election.
I’ve heard that the recount may take four months to decide. This will keep Judge Prosser from being seated on the court during this process. The SSC may, in that time, be hearing two cases; one is the collective bargaining agreement that has caused the unionistas undies to sharply rise up their nether regoins. The second is a challenge to a state Government Accountability Board administrative rule that was to take affect last year. That rule, 1.28, changes the requirements for the need to register as a lobbying group and restricts ads that by applying “common sense” could be considered being for or against a candidate. Sounds reasonable UNTIL you find out that if a group or individual spends more that $25.00 in a year on materials or other items related to a campaign they must register as a lobbying group. Poster board, colored markers and firring strips would easily exceed that amount.
By keeping Prosser from being seated the court is split 3/3.
Devious people these dems…

BTW the recount will possibly exceed $1 million dollars in taxpayer funds.

Wisco Dave
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