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The Government Class vs the Private Citizen Class, Part III

This is Part III of my series, A History of Government Employment. Parts I and II are linked here. Part IV I will finish it up later in the week.

The idea that Man can take care of himself, under the protection of Law rather than Men, is relatively new, yet simple in scope and execution. Even Homer Simpson can grasp it.

Still we are seeing it evaporate under our very eyes.

So we need to understand how this can be so…while there is still time.

What we’ve learned, a recap of I and II

We’ve already established that the idea of “government employment” as the preferred and most secure form of work-for-hire preceded real government and administration by thousands of years.

And we made this point for the purpose of understanding just how ancient this need to be on the inside of government runs when there is really nothing on the outside to compare with it. The advantages were incalculable.

And while we have not discussed it directly, a second equally ancient need, reserved for women, children, the aged and infirm, has been to live under the protection of that same king or other form of all-powerful government.

Together, these make a natural alliance that at one time comprised almost all populations through all history. Two percent hire eight percent to supervise the remaining ninety…with that less-fortunate ninety percent nevertheless grateful as hell to live under the king’s protection, never daring to think of a better alternative, even if one presented itself…which it began doing anyway in the late Middle Ages.

We are all born into a world already filled with assumptions, and if our world is no more than five-six square miles in size, we never know any alternative. But as we branch out and see more things, such as going to town on Saturday, or to a county fair, our worlds, and aspirations, broaden as well. But if we have a king, that’s the way it is. He’s our playing field and we don’t even know to look beyond to find a better designed one, but rather look only to improving our lot on the one we already have. Our only hope, as a street vendor once told me in Moscow, “I wish I could get a better mafia,” is of better circumstances. That’s all.

We then determined in Part II the manner in which the notion of a single monarch was done away with (world commerce), replaced  by governments of committees, presidents, councils, and eventually miles and miles of bureaucrats, which will be the central theme of this Part III, for we are getting closer to the bottom of  this whole mess.

Security, Si? Freedom Nyet?

From all this we know Man has not always wanted to be free, and that his desire for security and protection, even if traded for abject peonage, is more ancient than the notion, as Moses Sands expressed, of building and owning one’s own House.

Now a cynical anthropologist might say this willingness to be dependent on ones betters is nearly instinctive, but seeing how quickly mankind turned on a dime after America was established tells me the instinct, however well buried, was always pointed in the other direction.

If this weren’t so, there would be no sense in writing this at all.

As we discussed in Part II, we should forever be on notice that America and its “formula” was one of the biggest game-changers of all history, for what developed (quickly) was a wedge between that alliance between the paid protector-administrators of the king, and those they protected. America lit a path by which, with little more than determination and sweat, men and women could provide security and protection for themselves by reciprocally joining with their neighbors to set their own tables, so to speak. There was no dream that could not be realized.

So, from the point of view of the Government Class, having a docile and grateful Protected Class was not only not a sure thing after 1787, having one at all wasn’t. For as America began quickly to transform itself  into a full-fledged Citizen Class, leaving little room for a state management class at all, we inspired a “competitor private sector class” with the Government Class anywhere in the world it could get a toehold, which men have conspired to do ever since. (See Kenya, Peru, Bulgaria. The seeds are there, and the soil is fertile.)

For over 200 years now, America has kept proving to all the rest of the protected classes in the world just how big they could make their own world, if only they could be unleashed. So while trying to stamp out this free market-free man malignancy in America, the state class has had to work overtime protecting old turf in virtually every corner of the world, all because the United States made respectable a term the 14th Century French used with derision to describe their Third Estate…”middle class” (bourgeoisie).

So, from 1787 on, the world has been increasingly divided between two competing systems that had previously been defined by a master-servant relationship. And you know how the master of the house gets when the kitchen help gets uppity.

“The American middle class has to be defeated at all costs,”  this is what the government employee class has been telling its own managers for over a hundred years.

But can it work?

By the late 19th Century it became clear that the American system was not only creating wealth, it was creating stuff (goods and technology), and passing it around, creating mass markets, which statism could not conceive, much less create.

The Soviet Union proved in 75 years what we now know about socialism in general, and that it can exist only so long as it can steal the ideas and technologies of free societies, for it can produce nothing new on its own. While bureaucracies are parasites, feeding on government, socialist governments themselves are parasites feeding on the ingenuity of builders and creators. There always comes a time when such a system will kill the golden goose.

So Statism’s destruction is written on the stars.

The Government Class vs The Private Sector

Thus we have this war, over a century in progress now, in which we have a Management Class, its upper echelons bearing the aspirations of royalty…easily noticeable today (John Kerry, Barack Obama)…that first began to rise from the upper classes of capitalism in the late 1800’s in the US, the ungrateful legatees of unearned wealth, no different than European royalty, seeking to cement their rank in a society that has been open for all who will strive to achieve, but which they now wish to make a closed society.

At this point, you may ask why I have not mentioned Karl Marx.

Well, in truth, Marxism has less to do with the rise of government employment than most think. One’s DNA long preceded the others’. In brief, Karl Marx represented a ne’er-do-well class of academicians who had their own personal gripe about wealth creation, hating builders (the principle type of capitalist in those days, so as not to be confused with bankers, stock brokers, or George Soros, who often create nothing, not even new money) along with aristocrats and royals. It is merely a system of government (more than philosophy) that the upper management class clings to as a mark of a sort of respectability, proving they have at least read a book without pictures, and attended a seminar. In fact, their aspirations are no higher than the lowest government employees trying to get the maximum amount of benefits for the least amount of effort.

Karl Marx and the various other ‘isms that arose from his specious theories simply represented an organization chart around which the government employment class could seize control away from the private sector, which was developing at a rapid rate in the 1840s, and which had become almost a 30% competitor in the civilized world, and 90% in America; an oppressive scale if you are in the government class. Imagine the ignominy of it all for the world’s most ancient profession.

Homo Bureaucraticus

It has long been debated, what killed the USSR? Was it Homo Leninus, or h. Sovieticus? European socialists have long argued that Marx would never have been implemented in Europe as it was in Russia, with the entire destruction of the former society and mass deaths and dislocations. (We may be about to find out, as what is hitting the streets in Europe today, as their treasuries become undone, is Bolshevik to the core, up to and including razing an entire society. Time will tell.)

Or was it Homo Rus?, i.e.,  the notion that the boorish, uncouth Russians just weren’t equipped to run a collective society based on  intellectual principles. That notion has even gained strength lately with the flair the modern Russian oligopoly has shown for fascism.

But the one culprit all the world’s government policy thinkers never seem to consider is the very same one they think is their greatest ally today, h. Bureaucraticus.

This is probably the biggest killer of all. In fact, I’m certain of it.

My view is that while it’s true the Russians were well, Russians,  in implementing the Marxist-Leninist Soviet model, whether it was workable or not in Russia or any other society (witness Mao’s apostasy)…what killed the USSR was very simply its bureaucracy, which was about as Marxist as the Westboro Baptist Church is Christian.

The apparatus and its constant need to be fed, and its insistence that all other missions…whether of Marx, Lenin, capitalism, the Constitutionalist, even the Christian, be subordinated to that one prime directive; self-preservation in the worst of times, and unimpeded growth in the best, was paramount.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

And my proof is in what we are seeing in Europe today…death by a level of bureaucratic cravenness which never materialized even in the USSR, namely that the rank-and-file government class will strike out against the management end of that same government class.

This is what we are seeing in Wisconsin, today, a bureaucratic class driven by their unions to bring about their own demise, dedicated entirely to the feeding of its own appetites.

Karl Marx and his progeny are not ruling this mob. Nor are the union leaderships. They only think they are. It is the other way around, and it is the one (of many) fatal flaws in any Marxist, socialist, or just good ol’ Bush-like big government cure for the ills of human society, for the tools one must use to effect those cures will always reach up and eat him. That’s a law.

It is the mob which is running this shell game, and has been for many years now.

The Bottom Line

Quite frankly, the combined genius of Europe has no cure for it. Neither in fact, does the combined genius (sic) of the American political class as currently constituted.

The good news is that there is a fix, but only one, for the American political class can still be changed, which of course, is what the Constitution and Unified Patriots is all about.

The hard thing is, we’ve run out of carrots, and may have to resort to the stick in order to do it. So strap ’em on.

In Part IV I’ll lay out how America can once again put this genie back into the bottle and re-instate the proper position of a government employment class …

….vis a vis a private sector, free market class of bosses.







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  1. This really reminds me of my time in corporate America. Mid-level managers having control over their fiefdoms and not really caring about what happens upstream or downstream. The layers are insulated both from the bottom and the top. As long as nothing affects their own little world it could be Nero fiddling while Rome burns. The bottom line is: How can I benefit from it?

  1. This really reminds me of my time in corporate America. Mid-level managers having control over their fiefdoms and not really caring about what happens upstream or downstream. The layers are insulated both from the bottom and the top. As long as nothing affects their own little world it could be Nero fiddling while Rome burns. The bottom line is: How can I benefit from it?

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