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Quran burner Terry Jones in Dearborn to protest at mosque

This is posted at Unified Patriots News however I felt it was important enough to be posted here as well.

Update 6:30pm EST. I have access to Detroit TV news stations. This is what has been happening. Jones was hauled into court in Dearborn because he stated he was going to protest in front of the mosque despite the city’s denial of a permit to protest THERE. He was offered a permit in front of the police station and also at the Civic Center which he turned down. He asked for a jury trial to determine whether or not the city of Dearborn has the authority to deny him the permit to protest in front of the mosque. Prosecutors have alleged that Jones’ actions may “incite violence and lead to public rioting.” He is representing himself. 6 jurors have been chosen and the trial will take place on Saturday morning. Jones is now free and out on the streets. Judge Summers has asserted the city was correct in denying the permit to Jones in front of the mosque. If the jurors find the city was derelict in their duty and MUST give him the permit in front of the mosque he may be required to post a “peace bond” to pay for any damage which may ensue. Jones also has 50 email threats which may be brought into evidence in the trial tomorrow. In any event it doesn’t look too hopeful this may be over before Jones is scheduled to speak tomorrow afternoon.

What we have here is 1st Amendment rights v. the safety of the citizens. What remains to be seen is which one will win. It is the opinion of this writer if Jones is ultimately denied the permit to protest in front of the mosque he could appeal. FYI the Imam at the mosque is asking for restraint on the part of the Muslim citizens of Dearborn and asking them not to show for any of Jones’ protests and/or speaking engagements.

Quran-burning Pastor Terry Jones is at Detroit Metro Airport as this article is written waiting for a police escort to take him to a Dearborn mosque to protest. Public safety officials denied him a permit however he is determined: bringing with him a .40 caliber semi-automatic hand gun.

Jones was told he was welcome to use city hall where free speech is permitted and no permit is required, but Jones says he’ll go on to protest at the mosque even without a permit. He could be arrested if he goes ahead with the protest.

Dearborn has the largest Muslim population in the US.

Mayor John O’Reilly, the imam at the Islamic Center of America and other inter-faith leaders pleaded with Jones not to attempt the protest fearing violence. Jones is the pastor of the small Dove World Outreach Center church in Gainesville, Fla. He is remembered for the “trial” of the Quran there where it was burned, sparking violence and killings in the Middle East.

Jones chose Dearborn for the protest because it has the largest mosque in the area and he refers to Dearborn as “The Mecca of America.” He states he has no intentions of burning a Quran there.

ANALYSIS Yes, our Constitution guarantees us freedom speech however we now know what a “hot button” this is and it is the opinion of this writer Jones is taking a huge risk not only for his own safety but for others as well. If he wants to protest he should obey the law, go to one of the areas where protests are permitted and respect the safety of others. This can only turn out badly.

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