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The BP “blame game.” Let the lawsuits begin

How classy is this. Today is the one year anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon spill which claimed the lives of 11 people. It appears BP doesn’t even want a day of mourning because they are now SUING the company which made the blowout preventer. Cameron International.

The lawsuit was filed today in US court in New Orleans Apparently today is the “deadline” to file the suit:

“It is not surprising that the companies are filing to protect their indemnity rights (except in the case of BP) and whatever claims they believe they have,” Cameron said. “Additionally, in order to protect ourselves, we, too, have filed crossclaims and counterclaims, including our indemnity claims, against other parties to the litigation.”

Transocean, the owner of the rig, is filing suit against BP and Cameron for $12.9 million demanding judgments against them. Also named in the suit is Halliburton and others with requests for $20 million.

Brietbart is reporting that BP is also filing suit against Transocean, asking for $40 billion.

Round and round we go. Where we stop, nobody knows.

And FYI it’s business as usual on BP’s website. No mention of this…

Let the games begin.

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