Saturday, September 25, 2021
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Stand your ground men. Stand your ground. Don’t raise the debt ceiling.

We are now in fear tactic territory. Same as before TARP. Same as before Y2K. I see all the articles with serious sounding leftists talking about Armageddon if congress waits to long. The same leftist RINO’s and Democrats that spent us here want to kept the party going by scaring the hell out of grandma and schoolchildren.


Enough with the lies and fear-mongering.


Yes Virginia, there will be a crash but it will be smaller and more manageable than the crash caused by continuing to raise the debt ceiling until the MARKETS say no. When that happens all hell breaks loose.


There is no soft let down we just flat default. Not just on debt. Not just on Social Security or Medicare. On everything.


One month everybody gets their entitlement check and the next they are burning city hall and the nearest Social Security building.


Greece except in the US grandma is armed and dangerous. As it should be.


Or better yet Geithner, Bernanke and the Keynesian geniuses printing our toilet paper FRN currency really fire up the printing presses.


Weimar Republic Here We Come,

Right Back Where We Started From

Come on, everybody sing!!!!!


Maybe they can team up with and we can all just print our own Federal Reserve Notes, from the convenience of your desk, backed by the full faith and credit of HP and Weyerhaeuser.


A father of eight, manager of a small business, concerned American.

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