The BATF and E…..and SG



  Just when you didn’t think ATF had enough resources to stop the flow of illegal weapons across the border into Mexico or, in lieu of that, to assist in the flow of illegal weapons across the border, word comes out that the Bureau has plenty of funds and scads of manpower, if you consider how they are expending them.  In fact, you could go to Wikipedia, or the Bureau’s homepage and look up how the Bureau has done nothing but expand it’s reach over the past century, being alternately housed at Treasury, Justice, and back and forth but always finding a home and given new authorities, money and manpower.    About forty years ago they added the “E” to their monicker, for ‘explosives’.   And to show how competent they, and their parent Justice Department, and our vaunted court system are in that arena,  Bill Ayers walks the earth a free and, in many quarters, respected man today.

     We don’t know why ATF hasn’t been given oversight into Coffee and Tea yet (Whoops, Tea…Tea Party…threats….wait for it), but they have now branched out into Sporting Goods.  Yes, the BATF..and E.., is now the BATFE and SG.   The report they issued earlier this year on shotguns and their sporting nature is just now making its way into the consciousness of the freedom-loving citizenry and, however closely the Feds are, or assert that they are, sticking to whatever Congressional mandates they are given, some of the language in this report is insulting to a wide audience across the land, both sporting enthusiasts and self-defense advocates alike.

 “Our determinations will in no way preclude the importation of true sporting shotguns. While it will certainly prevent the importation of certain shotguns, we believe that those shotguns containing the enumerated features cannot be fairly characterized as ‘sporting’ shotguns under the statute. Therefore, it is the recommendation of the working group that shotguns with any of the characteristics or features listed above not be authorized for importation.”

   Yes, if your choice of shotgun has any of the Bureau’s “enumerated features”,  and you are using it for self-defense, you are not giving your attacker a sporting chance.   Not only is it an outrageous proposition that ATF can presume to dictate what features of a shotgun, or a rifle for that matter, render it unsuitable for sport, it is also, and more importantly, a chilling and patently unconstitutional usurpation of power for the agency to determine for what purpose a firearm may be used before considering it’s importation into the United States.  But they say they are authorized to do so by the Gun Control Act of 1968 (browse this, if you have time; it’s kind of like the new health care law.  Forty years later we’re still finding out what’s in it.)   Which means that for some reason, all the NRA’s and SAF’s and GOA’s out there apparently haven’t found the time, money, or expertise, or seen the need, to successfully challenge the notion that the Federal Government may block a law-abiding citizen’s right to purchase, from whatever source, the means to preserve his life,  liberty and property and the security of his free state.

     What we are having a hard time reconciling in our own mind is this little disclaimer in the “Purpose” section, 101, of Title 18, US Code, Chapter 44: 

it is not
the purpose of this title to place any undue

or unnecessary Federal restrictions or

burdens on law-abiding citizens with respect

to the acquisition, possession, or

use of firearms appropriate to the purpose

of hunting, trapshooting, target shooting,

personal protection, or any other lawful activity

Call me crazy but it appears that personal protection ranks right up there with sports, even in the verbiage of the Act. Of course, I don’t command $500 per hour, so I could be wrong. Of course it took generations and generations before it finally became stipulated by the courts that citizens did in fact have a constitutional right to self defense in the first place.

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April 19, 2011 10:13 pm

Look at the mean, scary looking shotgun you picked for the picture! All black and parkerized, like one of them there “Assault Rifles!” Obviously anything sporting should be done with a friendly, happy brown wood shotgun, preferably a single shot.

April 20, 2011 7:13 am

A jack-booted thug by any acronym is still a jack-booted thug.

Wenn es wie eine stormtruppen gebt
Wenn es wie eine stormtruppen gesprache
Es ist eine stormtruppen!